Historic Preservation Commission names 7 'most notable' properties

The properties must be at least 50 years old and located in Columbia, and they each have architectural or historical significance.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Dental therapists solution for rural oral health

Missouri’s oral health is among the worst in the nation, partly because of the state’s shortage of dentists. Programs in Alaska, England, Australia and Canada have had success with dental therapists, who can provide a wide range of dental services at a low cost. Missouri could also benefit from dental therapists if the state’s professional licensing law did not stand in the way.

Missouri basketball fan has standout shout

Missouri men’s basketball fan Mary Canon has no problem making it clear who she is rooting for when attending games at Mizzou Arena. The 69-year-old grandmother’s piercing and enthusiastic screams can be heard throughout most of the stadium.

LETTER: Live tiger at football games idea should be caged

Having a live tiger at MU football games should be pretty far down on the list of priorities for the university.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should President Obama spend on unemployment or enact a spending freeze?

President Barack Obama must deal with a large deficit and high unemployment and try to strike a balance to help both in the national budget.

UPDATE: Missouri schools seek legal loophole to protect students

Current state law prohibits school officials from saying why fired teachers lost their jobs, including those accused of sexual misconduct.

Nationally renowned artist leaves behind a legacy

Nationally recognized watercolor artist Keith Crown died on Sunday. He was known for his colorful, abstract landscapes that were displayed in museums and galleries nationally.

COLUMN: Why we still need Black History Month

Each year it seems that people question whether Black History Month needs to be taught in schools. Now more than ever, the answer is yes.

Missouri educators optimistic about No Child Left Behind Act changes

President Barack Obama proposed changes to the No Child Left Behind Act that would look at factors besides standardized test scores in determining the success or failure of a public school. Obama's plan would also reward districts with successful plans of action for obtaining academic success.

MU says tuition increases considered for grad and professional programs

Tuition increases could be in store next year for some graduate and professional programs, MU Budget Director Tim Rooney said Tuesday.

City Council approves purchase of 83,000-square-foot railroad warehouse

It has the floor space of 1 1/2 football fields, a 30-ton overhead crane to lift freight from trains that pull directly into the building and 15 loading docks to allow trucks to pull right up to the building to receive freight. The facility, which is used to load and unload freight from the COLT Railroad, will cost the city $2.5 million.


UK medical journal retracts flawed vaccine study

A British medical regulatory group ruled the authors had acted unethically in their research, and subsequent studies have not found a connection between vaccines and autism.

Mayoral candidate Sullivan announces campaign platform

About 20 people turned out to hear Sid Sullivan outline his platform for mayor of Columbia on Tuesday morning. Struggling economy and strong neighborhoods are among his priorities, he said.

Shakespeare's Pizza launches Haitian relief campaign

For the month of February, Shakespeare's Pizza will donate 15 percent of its Tuesday and Wednesday orders to Haitian relief when the customers say "dining for Haiti".

Felons may be barred from Missouri public office

Sen. Nodler proposes a bill which would deny lawmakers convicted of felonies from running for re-election. The goal of this bill, according to Nodler, is to set standards for Missouri's legislators.

Higher education commissioner presents possible cuts in budget

Higher Education Commissioner Robert Stein  outlined potential cuts in education in a letter, but now Missouri's budget director said there might be even less money available.

Squirrel eviction in Peace Park

Landscape Services employees installed a support system in a tree in Peace Park on Tuesday in an attempt to save the tree from removal. A cavity has formed in the tree because of extensive damage from squirrels.

Money woes threaten high-speed rail plans

Extensive envisions of new train systems across the country are met with little financial backing. Rail corridors were awarded stimulus cash, but the projects will cost much more than the federal government is willing to front.

Historical Society returns to six-day week

Donations totaling more than $90,000 will allow the society to stay open on Fridays and Saturdays.

LETTER: Consider Sid Sullivan for next Columbia mayor

Sid Sullivan is getting community attention for the city's mayoral race because of his ideas about social justice, quality of life and open communication policy about our local government.