COLUMN: Down with newsertainment

Today's “newsertainment” may not be ideal but it's what audiences are asking for.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri businesses, research universities must unite for better quality of life

The Missouri Regional Life Sciences Summit in Kansas City can provide the opportunity for Kansas and Missouri to be leaders in health innovation.

LETTER: Story about Ferguson's appeals process misinterprets defense's strategy

Matt Pearce's article about the road ahead for Ryan Ferguson misconstrues the importance of Chuck Erickson's recanting by focusing on whether Ferguson committed perjury or not. The bottom line is that Erickson lied multiple times to Ferguson's jury and the conviction cannot stand.

Missouri's English focused on more than just jump shot

Kim English, a sophomore guard on the Missouri men's basketball team, is known for his shooting touch. However, he is working hard to become a complete player by improving in all areas, especially defense.   

Senators urge educating abortion patients before procedure

One bill discussed would require physicians to offer an ultrasound 24 hours before performing an abortion, and a second would require the physicians to collect more information on women who seek an abortion.

Despite losing, Hickman boys basketball team avoids disaster

When Hickman guard Lyle Harris crashed to the floor in the first quarter then left the game shaken, the Kewpies lost their rythm and ended up losing 77-71 Tuesday to visiting Ruskin. But a bigger loss was avoided when Harris was able to return to the game.

Hickman girls basketball team wins on Davis' rebound

The Hickman girls basketball team pulled out a 48-47 victory Tuesday at Logan Rogersville when Ashley Davis put back an offensive rebound in the final seconds.

COLUMN: Gay people in the military: armed forces are no place for social experiments

The decision to let gay men and lesbians serve in the military is not a question of what is fair, but of what is better for accomplishing the mission.

Columbia College men's basketball team loses in overtime

Coming off two hard losses on the road, the Columbia College men's basketball team lost an overtime battle with Hannibal-LaGrange 75-73 on Tuesday night at the Arena of Southwell Complex.

House votes in favor of autism bill

The Missouri House has approved a bill that would require insurance coverage for children 18 and under with autism spectrum disorders.

Big second half propels Columbia College women's basketball team

The Columbia College women's basketball team used a substantial height advantage to pick up its 12th conference victory with a 83-64 win over visiting Hannibal-LanGrange.

Skaters brave the cold at Columbia Skate Park

Matt Baumann skates at Columbia Skate Park in Cosmopolitan Park on Tuesday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Mardi Gras served German style

Columbia United Church of Christ sponsored the 26th Annual Fastnacht event at the Knights of Columbus on Tuesday. Fastnacht is considered the German Mardi Gras.

Stephens women's basketball team loses

The Stephens women's basketball team lost 71-50 on Tuesday to visiting McKendree.

Sanders pleads guilty to manslaughter

Daniel Sanders, 20, pleaded guilty Tuesday to voluntary manslaughter and felony evidence tampering in the August 2008 drowning of his mother, Helen Sanders.

State budget cuts might affect Missouri social services

State legislators plan on cutting at least 5 percent from the almost $24 billion budget.

Rodman Marine asks for $1 million as a victim of police brutality

Columbia resident Rodman Marine, who was Tasered and hit in the head with a nightstick by a Columbia police officer during a 2006 traffic stop, is seeking up to $1 million in damages.

Columbia Daily Tribune wins fight for records on police brutality case

The Columbia Daily Tribune won its fight to get records released about a former police officer who used force against a Columbia resident during a traffic stop in December 2006.

Cape Girardeau woman's strength slowly returns after a bad fall

An elderly Cape Girardeau woman's strength is returning after a fall left her stranded in the cold in the early hours of the morning for several hours last month.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor aide suspended over political e-mail

Deputy Lt. Gov. Jerry Dowell has been place on a five-day unpaid leave for sending an fundraiser invitiation from a Tour of Missouri e-mail account.