Marie Nau Hunter receives 2010 Missouri Arts Award

Marie Nau Hunter's involvement with public art prompted the Missouri Arts Council to grant her a leadership award.

State argues Ferguson's new evidence was introduced improperly

The state's response to Ryan Ferguson's motion to remand filed Tuesday says Charles Erickson's new testimony cannot be introduced at this stage.

Columbia pushes for Google fiber-optic Internet service

Columbia residents are lining up behind the city's possible application to bring Google's trial Internet service to the community.

Thompson Center receives $750,000 with Sen. Kit Bond's help

During a tour of the Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment Disorders, administrators discussed plans for expansion and thanked Sen. Kit Bond for securing funding.

House committee freezes legislators' reimbursements

The House Administration and Accounts Committee unanimously voted to freeze per diem increases for Missouri legislators. The freeze would be set at the September 2009 rates of $87.20 per day.

Missouri House Education Committee likely to preserve tuition deal

The House Education Appropriation's Committee Chairman said he is likely to uphold a tuition plan that was announced in November. If the plan passes, Missouri colleges will freeze in-state undergraduate tution. The recommendation is expected to be finalized by the committee Thursday and then passed on to the House Budget Committee.

Columbia College men come back to beat Missouri Baptist University

Stephens College alumni push women to get involved in government

Stephens College hosted three women speakers in an attempt to inspire students to take on leadership roles. Thursday's event was part of the new Women in Civic Leadership Series.

Commemorating the "New Patient Tower"

Columbia lawyer appointed to Missouri Higher Education Board

Nixon's appointee still needs to be confirmed by the Senate.

Stephens College Stars lose 9th straight game

Clerk's office accepting applications for Stormwater Advisory Board

Members must be registered voters who have lived in Columbia for at least one year.

Jefferson County Animal Control ordered to stop euthanizing animals

The Jefferson County Animal Control center has been told to stop euthanizing animals in light of a report stating that no veternarian was present during the process, which is against the law

Kahler preliminary hearing postponed until May

A preliminary hearing for Columbia's former water and light director James Kraig Kahler has been postponed until May 19. Kahler is charged with the murders of four family members in Burlingame, Kan.

More problems for Toyota after complaints about Corolla surface

Toyota is looking into Corolla models after complaints have emerged that it is hard to steer straight.  These new concerns come just as the company responds to complaints about brake issues with the Prius model

Missouri legislature blocks tax increase for some farmers

The Tax Commission had voted to increase taxes on the highest-producing agricultural land, but the House voted to block the changes Thursday.

Landfill neighbors notified of elevated methane levels

A Jefferson County landfill may have increased levels of methane gas. Property owners within 1,000 will be notified. The owners of this landfill have been working with the state on methane issues since 1996.

Pipe bomb found, disarmed in Branson Landing

A pipe bomb was disarmed in the center of Branson Landing on Thursday.  Fireworks were also found inside a car in a parking garage at the Landing

Senator proposes raising fine for seat belt violations

Sen. Joe Keaveny has recommended raising seat belt infraction fines from $10 to $50.

UPDATE: Missouri auditor calls for more pension oversight

A bill that would give the auditor that power is being considered by the legislature.