Groups hope to transform Kansas City's 'Murder Factory'

Several people and groups are trying different ways to turn what has been dubbed the "Murder Factory," in Kansas City to a more peaceful and safe environment. 

Rep. Mary Still announces that she will file for re-election

Rep. Mary Still, a Democrat, will file for re-election Tuesday for a second term.

Peace Corps Week celebrated on MU campus

March 1 marks the 49th anniversary of the Peace Corps. Mike Burden, a Peace Corps recruiter, will hold an information session for anyone interested in joining on March 2.

Show-Me Yards and Neighborhoods workshop has two sessions coming up

The Show-Me Yards and Neighborhoods workshop has two more meetings, from 6 to 9 p.m. on Feb. 25 and March 4 at the General Services Building at MU.

Weather Service projects chance of spring flooding along Missouri rivers

Significant winter snow in northern states and heavy rainfall could lead to major flooding.

Senate bill would make petition process less cumbersome

The Senate Elections Committee passed a bill that would modify the petition process Monday.


Missouri School of Law to host public defender panel

They keynote speaker at Tuesday's workshop is Stephen Bright, who teaches at Yale and Georgetown and is president of the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta.

Replacing income tax with broad sales tax appears doubtful

Lawmakers will discuss the idea of replacing Missouri's income tax with a broad sales tax, but most doubt it will pass.

Abortion regulations pass through Senate committee

Two abortion bills were heard in a Senate meeting on Monday; the first would offer a woman an ultrasound of her fetus at least 24 hours prior to an abortion and the second would require physicians to collect information from women on why they sought an abortion, such as social, medical or economic factors.

MU students provide lawn mower service

MU students offer a spring tuneup on lawn mowers for $30.

Mixed blessing: credit card reform may shock some

A law passed last May to protect credit card users is showing unexpected effects. Annual fees, rising fees and interest rates and limits on who can be eligible for a card are all side effects of the law, and card users will see these changes soon.

No opposition at Senate statewide smoking ban hearing

The bill would prohibit smoking in public places, including restaurants, shopping malls and sports arenas.

Energy drink causes seizure for a teen from Carl Junction

After consuming two energy drinks, Dakota Sailor had a seizure and had to spend five days in a hospital.

Police investigating theft at Board of Elections office in St. Louis

A theif broke into the Board of Elections office while the alarm system was turned off for maintenance work. Police are now reviewing surveillance cameras for clues.

St. Louis mayor lobbies for President Casino

St. Louis mayor resists a bill that would shut down President Casino and in turn cost jobs and lose tax revenue.

Funding dispute delayed review of pollutant tests

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources was asked to review pollutant tests on the Bannister Federal Complex in Kansas City, but the department refused to do so until funding was provided. The cost of review is estimated to be approximately $3,000 to $7,000.

St. Louis police commissioner resigns

Vince Bommarito resigned on Monday. Gov. Jay Nixon called it "appropriate," and said his office will immediately begin the search to fill the vacancy.

Raw milk debate spills into capitols, courts

The Missouri legislature is considering a bill to change how the state deals with the sale of raw milk.

A job with a catch: a 1,000-mile commute

Four Wisconsin men endure the hardships of living away from their families something they had to do to keep their jobs with General Motors.

Missouri State University considers $52 million bond plan

The bonds would pay for improvements at Missouri State University's academic and auxiliary facilities.