Candidacy filing for Missouri offices begins Tuesday

Filing for Aug. 3 party primaries opened Tuesday and will continue until March 30. The top race will be to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Kit Bond.

Fake marijuana banned by central Missouri county

Pettis County has banned a substance that is combined with a mix of dried flowers, herbs and tobacco to mimic the effects of marijuana.

Democrats cautiously embrace Obama's newest health care plan

The president's health care plan, introduced Monday, has received mixed reactions from Congress. Republicans have trashed it, though Democrats seem cautiously optimistic.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should hookah lounges be exempt from Columbia's smoking ordinance?

Columbia has a 3-year-old smoking ban in effect, but the 9th Street Hookah Lounge is allowed to operate because it sells tobacco as its main retail product.

Royals fan files lawsuit for eye injury due to a thrown hot dog

John Coomer of Kansas is seeking more than $25,000 for an incident in September when he was hit in the eye with a hot dog thrown by the team mascot. He says it caused a detached retina and the development of cataracts in his left eye.

One U.S. 63 northbound lane closed

One northbound lane of U.S. 63 is closed at the Boone and Callaway county line for debris cleaning. It will reopen this evening.

PHOTO GALLERY: Strawberry Hill Farms prepares for spring opening

Strawberry Hill Farms will open for the season on March 21, the first day of spring. The farm is already getting ready for the opening in its greenhouses and on its grounds.

BLOG: Christian Chapel helps impoverished in Ghana

A group of 13 from Christian Chapel traveled to the northwest African country from Jan. 26 to Feb. 4 to do relief work there. Three of those who went talked about how they were affected by the trip.

Missouri Department of Transportation plans U.S. 63, Route H improvements

The Missouri Department of Transportation is planning for improvements to U.S. 63 and Route H, including new roundabouts, turn-around locations and a deceleration lane.

Census Bureau seeks Missouri workers

The bureau is looking for about 5,000 workers to go door-to-door to ask people questions for the census.

PHOTO GALLERY: Students audition for Mizzou Idol

The final round of the Mizzou Idol student singing competition will take place on March 11 in Jesse Auditorium.