SLIDESHOW: Volunteers ready Columbia for True/False Film Festival

Volunteers set up the Forrest Theater at the Tiger Hotel for the True/False Film Festival. 

Brazilian player finds right fit with Columbia College women's basketball team

In her first year with the team, junior center Denise Rosario is becoming an big part of the Cougars' success.

Guide to True/False Film Festival coverage

Here's a list of guides and stories about the 2010 True/False Film Festival.

Lobbyists more influential than individuals on legislation, say some lawmakers

A state representative stands by his comment that lobbyists usually have more influence than individuals in state matters.

Columbia Public Schools feeling the effects of state budget's shortfall

Missouri's school district funding through the K-12 Education Foundation Formula is expected to be reduced by 2 percent statewide.

Justus proposes bill to give children of undocumented immigrants in-state tuition

The Senate Education Committee considered a bill Wednesday that would grant children of undocumented immigrants in-state tuition at Missouri universities and colleges.

Columbia College seniors endure difficult year

Two senior forwards will play their final home games for the Columbia College men's basketball team.

Rock Bridge girls basketball prepares for district finals

The Bruins will face Troy on Friday in the district title game.

More women, children in Columbia seeking Salvation Army shelter

This year, the Salvation Army homeless shelter is seeing an increase in the number of women and children seeking a meal and a place to sleep.

Two foreclosed homes burglarized

A combined estimated total of $850 worth of items were removed from the homes, which could have been burglarized as early as November of last year.

Author and comedian, both Stephens alumnae, return for Black History Month

Comedian Karith Foster will bring humor and inspiration, and author Lyah Beth Leflore will bring book-publishing savvy to their alma mater, Stephens College. 

House committee ponders legislators' public-private phone records

The House is considering a move to end the reimbursal of legislators' personal cell phone costs.

REMINDER: Six additional officers watch for traffic violations Thursday

Six additional officers are joining the Traffic Unit to crack down on traffic violations until 9 p.m. Thursday. The extra enforcement is part of the "Click it or Ticket" campaign.

Site cautions social networkers about revealing whereabouts

A new Web site named Please Rob Me works to keep people conscious of what they're sharing to the world via the Internet, particularly their current locations. The site pulls people's Twitter updates from Foursquare, a location-sharing device, and compiles them in a list titled "Recent Empty Homes."

Woman defrauds farmers, to be sentenced Thursday

A Missouri woman pleaded guilty to mail fraud and could get up to 20 years in prison. She used a Ponzi sceme to defraud 180 farmers out of at least $27 million in grain sales.

CoxHealth under fire for overexposing cancer patients to radiation

CoxHealth revealed that half of their patients who received a specific cancer treatment in the last five years were exposed to high levels of radiation that may have contributed to those patients' death.

Missouri House weighs loosening concealed weapon rules

Missouri lawmakers are debating whether to alter the minimum age and renewal period required for carrying concealed guns in the state.

Kansas City International Airport begins random palm swabbing on travelers

Random palm swabbing has begun this week at Kansas City International Airport. The swabbing is an effort to determine if a traveler has handled explosives.

Trouble for Toyota won't end after congressional hearing

Toyota is bracing for continued backlash towards its faulty vehicles even after back-to-back congressional hearings this week

Nixon launches state park youth employment program

Gov. Jay Nixon announced Thursday morning the launch of a new jobs program for Missourian youth. The program is called the State Parks Youth Corps program and will provide summer employment in 85 state parks and historic sites.