Higher education commissioner presents possible cuts in budget

Higher Education Commissioner Robert Stein  outlined potential cuts in education in a letter, but now Missouri's budget director said there might be even less money available.

Squirrel eviction in Peace Park

Landscape Services employees installed a support system in a tree in Peace Park on Tuesday in an attempt to save the tree from removal. A cavity has formed in the tree because of extensive damage from squirrels.

Money woes threaten high-speed rail plans

Extensive envisions of new train systems across the country are met with little financial backing. Rail corridors were awarded stimulus cash, but the projects will cost much more than the federal government is willing to front.

Historical Society returns to six-day week

Donations totaling more than $90,000 will allow the society to stay open on Fridays and Saturdays.

LETTER: Consider Sid Sullivan for next Columbia mayor

Sid Sullivan is getting community attention for the city's mayoral race because of his ideas about social justice, quality of life and open communication policy about our local government.

Parents, students on edge over soaring tuition

Universities around the country are seeing steep tuition increases this year, following the upward trend.

Columbia man arrested after hiding from police

A Columbia man was in custody Monday evening after fleeing the scene and hiding from police during a narcotics investigation at the Red Roof Inn.

Recycling experiment wins Columbia council's OK

The city will distribute plastic recycling receptacles to several north-side neighborhoods this month and let them use the bins for a year.

Missouri senator testifies before grand jury about pay-to-play

Sen. Matt Bartle, R-Lee's Summit, said he thought a $35,000 donation from the adult entertainment industry had something to do with his 2005 anti-porn bill being killed.

Superintendents want to share details on troubled teachers

Missouri school superintendents want to make it easier to tell others why troubled teachers lost their jobs.

Former Hartsburg man charged with threatening judge extradited from Texas

A former Hartsburg resident was extradited Monday from Texas to Boone County. Allen Hause is charged with tampering with a judicial officer in connection for leaving five threatening phone messages for 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Crane.

MU student reports rape outside fraternity house

A 19-year old MU student said she was raped outside of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity house early Saturday morning.

'Avatar,' 'The Hurt Locker' lead Oscar nominations

Ten films have been nominated for best picture, instead of the usual five. "Avatar" and "The Hurt Locker" are leading with nominations for best picture and best director.

LETTER: Concern for higher education's upcoming fiscal year

Barring an unforseen economic turnaround, higher education will continue to see less funding from the state. Here are a few ideas for making the most of the money.

Two Missouri representatives plan to block EPA on greenhouse gases

Representatives Ike Skelton and Jo Ann Emerson disagree with the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to regulate carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions.

Donation jar for Haiti stolen from restaurant in Liberty

Police are looking for a young couple who stole a donation jar from a Culver's restaurant in Liberty. A video shows the couple taking the jar, which was clearly marked for the American Red Cross.

City Council passes ordinance allowing urban hens

City Council decided Monday night that Columbia residents will be allowed to keep six hens per residential lot.

LETTER: Football games are no place for a live tiger

Surely he was joking when Missouri Student Association President Tim Noce suggested purchasing a live tiger mascot for MU home football games. Doing so would be inhumane and a waste of finances.

LETTER: Obama's job plan more promising than GOP's

Republicans use ideology and rhetoric to argue for what they want. President Barack Obama's plans are built on objective consideration of the facts. Republicans will show themselves to be the greatest domestic enemy of the country they claim to love.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Will you buy the Apple iPad?

The Apple iPad has been involved in plenty of talk, both positive and negative, since its unveiling Wednesday.