COLUMN: Seating location of city manager symbolic of larger issue

The centrality of the city manager's seat during City Council meetings raises the issue of what the proper relationship between the manager and the council should really be.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What can be done to bring Google fiber-optic Internet to Columbia?

Google is looking to test its new fiber-optic Internet and cities in the U.S. have until March 26 to let Google know if they are interested in becoming a part of this trial.  What can be done to bring Google fiber-optic Internet to Columbia?

Two Columbia cases show reality of asking for an attorney

The image of an attorney bursting through the door of the interrogation room is pure television. In reality, police have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to allowing a person to talk to a lawyer.

COLUMN: Open enrollment can be good for students, bad for districts

A bill in the Missouri Senate would allow public school students to enroll in schools not in their district. While this open enrollment may benefit the individual, it may also hurt traditional school district governance.

Missouri men's basketball considered a lock for NCAA Tournament

The question might have changed from if Missouri will make the tournament to what seed it will receive.

Resolution approved for same-sex domestic partner benefits at MU

The MU Faculty Council recommended that same-sex domestic partners receive equal benefits. Medical and dental benefits as well as some educational fee reductions are included.

LETTER: Carnahan's comments self-centered

The democratic election process is supposed to serve the constituents, not the politicians.

Columbia College men's basketball nets tournament win

The Columbia College men's basketball team advanced to the semifinals of the American Midwest Conference tournament with a 58-53 victory Thursday over host Hannibal-LaGrange.

LETTER: More friendships between races will encourage empathy, understanding

Racially motivated crimes seem to be occuring in response to Black History Month, and it is troublesome how they are being performed with such casualness. There is nothing wrong with political correctness when people take into account other's rights and feelings.

COLUMN: Seven-year-old air traffic controller breach of security, safety

With all the additional security measures since 9/11, how was it possible that a child was allowed to control flight operations at one of the world's busiest airports? It is a breach of safety and security. If the Transportation Security Administration can't explain how this happened, we should consider revamping the entire system or allow seven-year-olds to handle security.

Haiti-sized earthquakes occur multiple times each year

An MU geology professor says that earthquakes of similar magnitude to the one that rocked Haiti in January happen more frequently than people know.

Unity celebration planned at scene of MU cotton ball incident

MU organizations will celebrate diversity Friday in reaction to the cotton ball incident at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center this week. "Last Friday, someone picked cotton to send a message," said a Facebook invitation. "This Friday, we pick UNITY to send one back."

Capitol protesters denounce fair tax

A protest held by a liberal grassroots group Thursday on the steps of the Capitol Building drew nearly 100 people. Speakers denounced cuts to social programs and plans to enact a fair tax in the state.

House files substitute budget bills amid unprecedented budget crisis

House Budget Committee Chairman Allen Icet submits substitute budget.

Missouri doesn't qualify for federal education grants

If Missouri had qualified for the "Race to the Top" grant, it would have used the money to revamp teacher trainig and pay.

K2 legislation: What others are saying

Here's what others are saying about K2 in Missouri and other states.

Cotton balls incident: What others are saying

Here's what others are saying after the incident that took place Friday where cotton balls were thrown on the lawn of the MU Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center.

Missouri's application fails in federal education grant race

Missouri's original application was rejected in the opening round for "Race to the Top," a federal competition for education grants.

Vouchers help Columbia save big on trash bags

Columbia stopped delivering trash and recycling bags in December 2008. Converting to a voucher system has saved the city more than $671,000.

LETTER: We need McDavid's leadership as mayor of Columbia

McDavid has gone against the grain to prove that he is the best candidate for the job.