Fifteen-year-old competes in state Poetry Out Loud contest

Rosa Hoyle, 15, performs her second poem, "The Pow Wow at the End of the World" by Sherman Alexie, at the Poetry Out Loud contest on March 3 at the Etta & Joseph Miller Performing Arts Center in Jefferson City. Hoyle won the Central Regional competition Feb. 23.

Rosa Hoyle, a home-schooled student from Jefferson City, was the youngest person to perform at the contest.

Ramsey an anchor at forward for Missouri men's basketball team

The Missouri men’s basketball team has needed Keith Ramsey to play almost entire games to anchor a thin frontcourt that has been struggling to replace the injured Justin Safford.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you think Columbia Police Chief Kenneth Burton's citation stance is making traffic safer?

Do you think Police Chief Kenneth Burton is imposing a citation quota for the Columbia Police Department? Do you think the new chief’s stance is making traffic safer?

Karl Skala enjoys hearty debate in hopes of good decisions

Karl Skala is hoping for re-election to the Third Ward Columbia City Council seat.

TODAY'S QUESTION: How should the students be punished for cotton ball incident?

Sean Fitzgerald, 19, and Zachary Tucker, 21, were arrested on suspicion of tampering in the second degree after cotton balls were scattered in front of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center. The two MU students have since apologized through a press release.

Rufus Reid visits Rock Bridge, Hickman high schools

Renowned jazz bassist and composer Rufus Reid is visiting Hickman and Rock Bridge high schools to talk to students about jazz.

New goggles fit Moore's role on Missouri men's basketball team

Missouri forward Steve Moore has worn contacts on the court, but he finally became fed up with them about three weeks ago and switched to a pair of goggles.  

Former Rep. Bob Johnson quizzed on Jetton decision

Johnson said he told grand jurors that he was unaware of a $35,000 political contribution from the adult entertainment industry to a fundraising committee with ties to former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton.

Missouri men's and women's swim coach resigns

After 18 years as head coach of the Missouri men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams, Brian Hoffer has decided to resign.

COLUMN: First Amendment assemblies are the right course of action

Two separate incidences of peaceful assembly were in the spotlight last week. Their actions show that no matter what the argument, the First Amendment gives you the best platform.

Education students get opportunity to question School Board candidates

The MU College of Education held a round-robin style discussion with all five Columbia School Board candidates Tuesday night, followed by a question-and-answer session.

Missouri acquires new database to keep track of methamphetamine production

Gov. Jay Nixon announced Monday the upcoming arrival of a statewide database to track pseudoephedrine productions. Pseudoephedrine is a key ingredient in methamphetamine production and buyers are limited to purchasing 3.6 grams a day, or 9 grams per month. The system is expected to be installed within three months.

Forum following cotton incident to address difficulty discussing race

The Chancellor's Diversity Initiative and Difficult Dialogues will host a discussion on why race conversations are difficult to have and will offer differing perspectives concerning the cotton ball incident at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center.

Global Journalist radio program streams live online

Listeners of the radio show Global Journalist can now watch it live online at at 8:30 a.m. Thursdays. They can also e-mail or call in with questions for the international guests.

Columbia mayoral candidates addressed overtime and job growth

Five of the six mayoral candidates were in attendance at a forum sponsored by the Labor Club. It is the first time the Labor Club held such a meeting with mayoral candidates.

President Obama gives health care bill shove

The president vows that the health care bill will become law.

BOONE LIFE: Couple works to raise children in a bilingual home

Immigrants from Mexico find reluctant acceptance from non-Spanish speakers to be a confusing aspect of life in America

Wright pleads not guilty in 1976 murder case of Doisy

The trial for the man accused of killing Becky Doisy in 1976 has been set for April.

COLUMN: Current school system needs reform

Recent events, such as Central Falls, R.I., high school firing all of its teachers and Kansas City contemplating closing down half of its schools, have highlighted some of the failings of the current public school system. The problems in schools may not just stem from sub-par teachers, but may also be the result irresponsible parenting.

COMMENT: Edwards paints NASCAR into disciplinary corner

NASCAR's new policy of allowing drivers a nudge here and a spin there is being put to the test after Sunday's incident.