TODAY'S QUESTION: Will you go through airport body scanners the next time you travel?

Full-body scanners started to be installed around the world after a man attempted to blow up a plane headed from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009.

Convenience store manager Daryl Dudley vies for City Council seat

Dudley, who is running for the Fourth Ward seat on Columbia City Council, is also a firearm expert and has a degree in zoology.

Missouri's first-round NCAA basketball opponent features inseparable duo

The Missouri men's basketball team would be hard-pressed to find a tighter tandem on its own team than Clemson roommates Andre Young and Tanner Smith.

UPDATE: Hundreds give budget-cutting tips to Missouri lawmakers

Missouri residents and lawmakers are cultivating ideas to reduce the state budget.

Missouri softball pitching continues to dominate

In Wednesday's doubleheader against Wichita State at University Field, Missouri only gave up one run in two games and only allowed five hits in a 8-0 six-inning victory in Game 1 and a 6-1 victory in Game 2.

President Obama picks Kansas to win national championship

The president's bracket has Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky and Villanova making it to the Final Four.

Parkade Center celebrates St. Patrick's Day with bagpipes

The Parkade Center, Columbia's oldest mall, is seeing new life as Moberly Area Community College moves in. For the second year, it celebrated St. Patrick's Day with bagpipes.

UPDATE: Suspect arrested in connection with Waffle House shooting

Columbia Police arrested Ronsanto Cole on Wednesday in connection with the March 11 shooting at Waffle House. Police suspect him of being the driver in the incident, a news release said.

Missouri lawmakers look at cutting own budgets

With Gov. Jay Nixon cutting millions of dollars from the state budget, Missouri House members plan to reduce spending in various ways, including paying for cell phone bills when they use them for state business.

Mayoral candidates discuss youth programs at NAACP forum

Columbia mayoral candidates all agreed Tuesday night that promoting youth programs could help bolster economic and social diversity in the city.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Construction permit reports

The city keeps monthly lists of the submitted construction permit applications and monthly reports with the number of construction projects.

Former Boone County commissioner to join fire protection district board

Keith Schnarre, who was the Boone County presiding commissioner for four years, will join the board in April.

Fire District staff received $1,000 cost-of-living raise

Unable to come up with a system for awarding meritorious raises, the Fire District authorized a $1,000 cost-of-living raise for its staff in mid-January.

Columbia campaign to count 'hard-to-count groups' for census

With the U.S. Census under way, Columbia is campaigning to count everyone in the city. This "hard-to-count group" includes all college students, immigrants and the homeless.

Census Bureau assures confidentiality, but privacy concerns persist

Even while the U.S. Census Bureau states the census information is kept safe from unwanted eyes, some citizens are concerned that their private information, which is obtained through the census, can be used against them by the government.

Status of Planned Parenthood staff at center of abortion disagreement

There are conflicting reports on the status of surgical and medication abortions at Planned Parenthood in Columbia.

'Tall Stories' exhibit blends reality and fiction

The current show at the Columbia Art League pays homage to the True/False Film Festival and features expressive work by Columbia-area talent.

Columbia Police offer free engraving for valuables

On Tuesday, the Columbia Police Department offered few engravings of valuables such as iPods to raise awareness about being responsible for such items.

LETTER: Sarah Read embodies community spirit

Sarah Read is a good candidate for the City Council because of her cooperative personality and commitment to improving Columbia.

Columbia to receive $1 million in energy grant money

The city will use grant money from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to capture and use heat emitted by engine generators at the landfill as an energy source and to buy two new generators at the wastewater plant to burn the methane the plant gives off.