COLUMN: Spring forward into insomnia

Average temperature at Sanborn Field in Columbia between midnight and 6 a.m.

A columnist takes various approaches to figuring out why he sleeps better when it's colder outside.

COLUMN: Missouri's public defender system not alone in struggle

Professor David Webber's column about the struggles of improving Missouri's public defender system was unfounded in its research. He based his thoughts on findings from the Spangenberg Group, who has been discredited as legitimate. Missouri prosecturors urge policy makers to develop solutions based on objective data instead.

A look at the health care overhaul bill

A breakdown of the elements of the health care bill that was passed Sunday night in the U.S. House of Representatives.

City Council candidates debate development, economy issues

City Council candidates for mayor, Fourth Ward and Third Ward seats faced off on topics such as economic growth and development, budget and tax revenue.

Bill would include sexual orientation in Missouri Human Rights Act

The House Urban Issues committee heard public testimonies supporting a proposed bill which would add sexual orientation as a category protected under the Missouri Human Rights Act.

House divided as budget debate set to begin

Budget bills approved Monday by the House Rules Committee were split along party lines, which is how future budget votes are expected to pan out by representatives as well.

Missouri Senate committee advances bill to ban abortion coverage

Missouri Senate pushed a bill through committee Monday that would further restrict coverage for abortions in health insurance.

Nuccio brings downtown perspective to mayoral race

Downtown bar owner and mayoral candidate Sal Nuccio hasn't been attending election forums, but he's using his bar to talk to the people of Columbia.

LIVE EVENT: Missourian candidates forum

The Missourian is hosting a live debate between mayoral candidates, Fourth Ward council candidates and Third Ward council candidates. The debate will be moderated by David Lile of KFRU's Columbia's Morning News.

BOONE LIFE: Older residents have a hard time finding employment

Across the board, older citizens are having difficulty finding part-time employment. Cheryl Wade-Coleman is one such citizen in Columbia.

LETTER: More to Roman Polanski than his arrest

The timing and the tone in media coverage of Roman Polanski's arrest seems unfair amidst the release of his newest film, "The Ghost Writer."

Weekend reader interests piqued with health care, Farmer's Market, Manhattan miracle

See what others have been reading this weekend.

Missourian hosts candidate debate

The Missourian is hosting a debate between mayoral, Fourth Ward and Third Ward council candidates at 6:30 tonight, March 22, in Gannett Hall.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you think of the health care bill?

Health care coverage was extended to tens of millions of uninsured Americans on Sunday night after the Senate-passed bill cleared the House on a 219-212 vote.

Rock Bridge's future principal, Mark Maus, plans few major changes for the school

Mark Maus, current assistant principal of Oak Park High School in Kansas City, will begin his new position as principal of Rock Bridge High School on July 1. Maus has worked at Oak Park for nine years and has been a teacher, coach and achievement coordinator.

LETTER: Cameras take human element out of law enforcement

Allowing Proposition 1 to pass would be taking the human element out of law enforcement. There are better alternatives, such as additional officers or undrcover officers. Extensive camera surveillance has not stopped crimes from happening elsewhere, why would it work here?

Health care bill: How Missouri representatives voted

A look at which Missouri representatives voted for the bill and which ones didn't.

Rider recalls Pony Express centennial

Lee Shifflett, a rider in the centennial celebration of the Pony Express, recalls his journey from St. Joseph to Salt Lake City in 1960.

Washington University students teach sustainability to elementary students

Washington University students are teaching elementary school students about how to lead a more eco-friendly life. 

A new biography on Pulitzer explores publisher and politician

Joseph Pulitzer is best known for being a journalist and publisher but there was much more to his life, including a tragic childhood and criminal record. James Morris explores the rags to riches story in his new biography on Pulitzer.