DEAR READER: Skala's dining is in Kespohl's 'sites'

Karl Skala has spent more on travel than any other ward council member while assuming leadership on national committees. Voters will decide if it presents an issue.

Missouri's federal funding at risk in 2010 census

The importance of the 2010 census goes much further than a population count.

Census workers do grass-roots counting for some groups

Without a permanent residence, some populations are difficult to count.

'Queer the Census' campaign created to increase visibility

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has created a "Queer the Census" campaign, aiming to add a question about sexual orientation to the census.

Missouri softball team set for Big 12 play

Entering Big 12 Conference play Saturday, Missouri softball coach Ehren Earleywine said he thinks this season's team has a better chance than last year's team at winning the conference's regular season title.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Policy formation enhances government

Columbia City Council makes its policy on an ad hoc basis with little record of actions taken by the council.

LETTER: Propositions will help city government be more efficient

Columbia's mayor and city manager recommend residents vote "yes" on five propositions on the April 6 ballot.

Proposed school bond issue finds voters ambivalent

Anxieties come from two sides: if the bond issue passes and if it doesn't. If it passes, concerns include future funding and staffing of proposed new schools and possible losses of current programs. If it doesn't pass, concerns include overcrowding in schools, funding for maintenance of current facilities and missing out on a good economic climate in which to build.

Explaining the April 6 charter amendments

There are five proposed amendments on the ballot for the April 6 election.

Stephen M.R. Covey visits Shepard Boulevard Elementary

Shepard Boulevard Elementary is the first school in Missouri to implement the Leader In Me program into their curriculum. 

Stephens forced to ax swim team

Officials cite the school's lack of finances and facility issues.

Columbia submits application for Google Fiber

The city is hoping to woo the Internet giant to bring high-speed broadband to mid-Missouri.

UPDATE: Jail escapee sought in Columbia found in Arkansas

Police believed a man had returned to Columbia after escaping from jail.

Schools find out if budget cuts affect them

The 13 positions that Columbia Public Schools is eliminating will affect West Boulevard Elementary, Lee Elementary and Midway Elementary, among others.

LETTER: Wade is experienced, responsible candidate

Government means dealing with real issues and real people, and Jerry Wade is the right person for the task.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: At war with drug cartels

Suart Loory and guests discuss the drug war in Mexico and how the problem can be eliminated.

City-Wide Drumline snares $22k grant for instruments

The grant was provided by the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, a national nonprofit that aids young, at-risk musicians.

Southeast Missouri State raises fee, cuts program

The board agreed to raise the application fee $5, and returning students will pay a $15 application fee next spring.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What should Columbia do to count the "hard-to-count" population in the 2010 Census?

It's time to fill out the 2010 Census. The city could miss out on federal benefits if everyone isn't counted.

AmerenUE says Taum Sauk reservoir rebuild on schedule

A water breach destroyed part of an AmerenUE water reservoir five years ago. The electric company is rebuilding the structure in southeast Missouri.