LETTER: Endorsements from former mayoral candidate

Former mayoral candidate John G. Clark endorses his candidates for Third and Fourth Wards and mayor.

LETTER: Prop 1 will keep our kids safe

I don’t know how anyone who has watched the video of Adam Taylor being attacked in one of our downtown parking garages cannot agree that increased use of safety cameras are a necessary tool to help the Columbia Police Department keep Columbia safe.

LETTER: Attacking Skala's integrity smells of desperation

Without pay for being a member of the City Council, Skala treats representing our city as more than a full time job.

LETTER: Jan Mees' decision making renders her a good school board candidate

LETTER: No one better qualified than Skala

He is always available to see constituents when he can and holds regular “office hours” before city council meetings.

LETTER: Candidates' response to PedNet matters

LETTER: Greever-Rice strong in education, parenting

Greever-Rice understands that schools need the entire community to get involved in the decision-making process.