LETTER: Prop 1 is a waste of tax dollars

It has been proven repeatedly in countless reputable studies that police cameras on public streets do not deter violent crime.

LETTER: Skala's training benefits all

Criticism of Skala's attendance of training programs is unfounded. The knowledge and skills he has gained have improved his ability to assist in city governance.

LETTER: Skala's integrity stands in contrast to opposition

A resident of the Benton-Stephens neighborhood endorses Karl Skala and encourages others in the Third Ward to do the same.

LETTER: Greever-Rice listens to residents, deserves trust

Tracy-Greever Rice earns resident's trust and support through interactions in neighborhood association.

LETTER: Greever-Rice relies on strong record, experience

Tracy Greever-Rice has the qualities needed on Columbia's City Council.

LETTER: Greever-Rice is qualified to lead

Tracy Greever-Rice is a smart, caring and tough individual who is one of the brightest and most well-spoken people engaged in city affairs.

LETTER: Wade knows where we need to be headed

Wade is a forward-looking team player, not conditioned by the interests of an elite, well-moneyed few.

LETTER: Greever-Rice strikes the right balance

Tracy Greever-Rice, candidate for the Fourth Ward seat on the Columbia City Council, strikes a balance Columbia needs, one reader writes.

LETTER: Skala deserves your vote

Skala's previous experience gives him the best perspective on how to balance the needs of business and development in Columbia.