UPDATE: Columbia College student killed in apparent murder-suicide

Authorities think Kimberly Smith, 20, was shot in the head by an on-again, off-again boyfriend who then turned the gun on himself, killing both of them.

COLUMN: Election outcome will shape future of Columbia

The clout of cash in the City Council races is visible but there isn't any correlation that money translates into votes given past local election results, George Kennedy says.

UPDATE: Columbia College student killed in apparent murder-suicide

Kimberly Smith, 20, was a criminal justice major set to graduate in May.

Columbia College student killed in apparent murder-suicide

Kimberly Smith, 20, was set to graduate in May.

COLUMN: 5 best ideas for 'Rebooting Government' in Missouri

Some ideas for reshaping Missouri government can be more helpful than harmful, while others need further study before decisions can be made. Five interesting and five not-so-good ideas also made the list.

Candidates disclose who is contributing

See how the campaigns of candidates for Columbia City Council and the School Board are getting funded.

Old Plank Road fire results in $200,000 in damage

A fire at a house on Old Plank Road on Thursday afternoon did significant damage to the house. No one was injured.

Ancient jars, essential to commerce, see daylight at MU museum

Wide-mouthed, skinny-necked jars — called amphorae — have new homes in the permanent collection of the Museum of Art and Archeology at MU. It's part of the museum's push to display more of its collection.

Lawmakers push states to speed taxpayer refunds

Some states have delayed giving tax refunds in order to save up or spend elsewhere, but this might be causing unhappiness for many taxpayers.

Missouri Senate panel backs cut for childhood program

Missouri Senate budget writers want to cut funding for the Parents as Teachers initiative, which began in Missouri and has since spread nationwide and to several foreign countries.

The one-year mark approaches for Columbia Police Chief Burton

A year after being hired, Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton answers some questions about the department.

LETTER: Read responds to Hoppe's accusations

Sarah Read suggests that Barbara Hoppe is misrepresenting the facts about the Crosscreek Development mediation.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What concerns do you have about the proposed $120 million school bond issue?

Debate about the bond issue concerns future funding if the issue passes and overcrowding in schools if it doesn't pass. The measure is before voters in the April 6 election.

Nearly 1,000 census workers will hit the streets this month

Starting in the third week of April, workers for the 2010 U.S. Census will search for the homes of residents who did not fill out their census forms.

COLUMN: 'Conspicuous' cameras mean criminals know where they are

Money for surveillance cameras could be better spent on attracting businesses or improving public transportation.

Survey suggests growth ahead for Midwest economy

The overall business conditions index for the Mid-America region hit its highest level since May 2006, and the index remained well above the growth neutral score of 50. The March index hit 64.3, outpacing February's 61.

Midwest economy: A state-by-state glance for March

Here are the results of a survey done by the Creighton Economic Forecasting Group to gauge conditions of businesses in the Midwest.

Whitt hopes to get the most from students

Now finishing his first year on the Columbia School Board, Whitt said closing the academic achievement gap and providing adequate physical facilities are two key goals.

LETTER: Jerry Wade has firsthand knowledge needed for governance

Working to revise the territorial agreement between the city and Boone County Fire Protection District is one example of Wade's skill at governing and mediation.

Census workers hope to be part of history

The stories of five workers for the 2010 U.S. Census, their journeys of counting and how they came to their current positions.