The fire at the theater, which is located in Nifong Park, was reported at about 8 p.m. Monday. The building was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived on the scene and it took about 45 minutes to bring the fire under control. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

UPDATE: Fire destroys Maplewood Barn Community Theatre

Officials don't know the cause of the fire. Board members plan to hold an emergency meeting Tuesday night.

PHOTO GALLERY: Fire destroys Maplewood Barn Community Theatre

The Maplewood Barn Community Theatre, located in Nifong Park, burns Monday. The Columbia Fire Department received a call at 7:56 p.m. that the theatre was on fire. Flames were visible from Fire Station 8. Units from the Boone County Fire Protection District and the Columbia Fire Department responded to the scene. The building was fully engulfed upon their arrival. It took approximately 45 mintues to bring the fire under control. Units are still on scene taking care of hot spots. The cause it undetermined at this time.

TIMELINE: The history of the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre

Built as a home in 1877, the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre has been a place for performances since 1973.

UPDATE: Fraudulent environmental containers stored in Columbia

Thirty cylinders, possibily containing hazardous material, were being held in a storage locker on Range Line Street, according to a Department of Natural Resources report.  The cylinders orginially contained germanium hydride gas and were to be supposed to be disposed of by an enivornmental service in Okalahoma.

Five things to know about the tea party movement

The group isn't unified around a single issue but rather the idea that the government needs to be reined in.

Analysis: Is the tea party brewing a revolution?

The national tea party movement has the potential to become a full-fledged revolution but not until it finds centralized leadership.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Accountability is a dynamic element of citizenship

We must stop being inactive and begin to hold our leaders accountable.

Missouri conservative groups rise from tea party events

Individuals with both strong political backgrounds and virutally no experience are forming their own political groups.

Delta Air Lines to renew contract with Columbia Regional Airport

Delta Air Lines has decided to renew its contract with Columbia Regional Aiport after its original one expires in August.

VIDEO: Firefighters on the scene at Maplewood Barn Community Theatre

The Maplewood Barn Community Theatre, located in Nifong Park, was destroyed by a fire Monday. The fire was reported at about 8 p.m. and it took firefighters about 45 minutes to control the blaze.

Columbia Commission on Cultural Affairs loosens membership restrictions

To help the Commission on Cultural Affairs fill openings, the Columbia City Council voted unanimously Monday to loosen up the membership requirements.

City Council tables rezoning request for south Grindstone property

The council voted 7-2 to table the request to rezone the property south of Grindstone Parkway.

Rams release quarterback Bulger

Speculation now heats up about St. Louis drafting Sam Bradford with the first pick. 

North Face, South Butt reach settlement

The South Butt, a clothing company started by Jimmy Winkelmann, now an MU freshman, was sued in December by The North Face for trademark infringement. The two companies reached a settlement Friday.

Art exhibit displaying portrayals of cancer opens at Boone Hospital Center

The national art exhibit, "Oncology On Canvas," opened Monday at the Boone Hospital Center. The exhibit displays 580 different types of art pieces by patients, their families and caregivers. 

Two MU professors named Kemper Fellowship award winners

MU associate professor Anand Prahlad from the English department and assistant professor of electrical and and computer engineering Gregory Triplett from the College of Engineering were named recipients of the 2010 William T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence. The fellowship includes an award of $10,000.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are you for or against Proposition 1?

Proposition 1, which proposes use of downtown cameras to enhance public security, has been the source of debate concerning how necessary the cameras are.

Another Mohler gets change of venue in sex abuse case

The judge also scheduled a court date for the Missouri man's brother, who faces three felony counts of rape and other charges.

Missouri family competes to conserve household energy

For Will Ward and his family, energy consumption was never much more than an afterthought. Now, they are representing Missouri in a national competition to see which state's family can cut its energy consumption the most.