Audit: $108,000 taken from Missouri Veterans Commission

Stacy Griffin-Lowery, former employee of the state auditor's office, is accused of embezzling nearly $108,000 while working as an accountant for the Missouri Veterans Commission.

Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales now come clopping at a cost

The horses have been a part of Anheuser-Busch since 1933, when a team of Clydesdales delivered the first post-Prohibition beer brewed in St. Louis.

Missouri Kidney Program hit with state budget cut

Missouri state budget cuts are taking a toll on the Missouri Kidney Program. The program helps state residents with kidney problems get their life back on track after diagnosis, and continues to help financially and psychologically throughout the treatment process.


Aircraft maker McDonnell lands in Hall of Famous Missourians

James Smith McDonnell Jr.'s company became a leader producer of fighter jets. He served as the chairman of the board of directors until he died in 1980.

Missouri gets $54M to fix struggling schools

Missouri will receive a $54 million federal grant to help the state's low-performing schools. The grant is part of the $3.5 billion federal stimulus funds.

Cardinals come home with high expectations

Hall-of-Famer Whitey Herzog will throw the first pitch at the Cardinals' home opener against Houston.

Regional Missouri homeless program nearly out of money

The program aims to prvent homelessness is Phelps, Washington, Pulaski, Crawford, Maries, Osage and Gasconade counties.

Kansas City groups use construction jobs to help troubled men

Hands-on work in Kansas City provides second chances for men recently released from prison to assimilate back into society.

UPDATE: Missouri gets $54 million to fix struggling schools

Educators may take dramatic action such as replacing principals, rehiring teachers and closing schools since it's been announced that Missouri schools will receive a $54 million federal grant to help those that are struggling.

Police: Caruthersville man threatened to blow himself up

Police were called to the home of a southeast Missouri man who was threatening suicide.

Missouri Senate OKs changes in bingo regulations

Senators gave first-round approval to legislation dropping Missouri's bingo regulations regarding daily winnings. The bill would also extend the hours in which bingo can legally be played.

Migration of gray bats causes Springfield cave to close

An estimated 3,000 to 5,000 bats formed three colonies within Fisher Cave in Springfield's Sequiota Park last year.

LETTER: Nuclear weapons deserve our utmost atention

Although people continue to act as if nuclear weapons do not directly threaten their lives, they need to realize the importance of this issue.

Two juveniles in custody after school fire in Fredericktown

No one was hurt in the fire at Fredericktown Middle School, but the building was destroyed.

LETTER: Income tax exemptions don't mean a free pass

This reader brings our attention to a misleading headline in the April 8 edition of the Missourian.