What's next for downtown cameras

Though funds are not alloted for downtown cameras, the Columbia City Council is thinking about the future use and placement of the cameras.

UPDATE: Two MU students charged in cotton ball incident

The charge is misdemeanor littering, and not a hate crime. The potential penalty is a fine and a year in jail. Attorneys for the students say their clients will likely plead guilty. A hearing is set for April 29.

PHOTO GALLERY: Benefit honors Sydney Timmons, raises money for funeral

A group of Sydney Timmons' friends held a benefit Sunday night to help raise money for his funeral. Timmons died Monday, April 12.

Jefferson City rallies against Hickman after batter hit in the face by wild pitch

The scary moment involved pinch hitter Bryan Meeker.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Were you worried that Mike Anderson would take the Oregon coaching job?

Mike Anderson was reportedly offered double the salary he makes as coach of MU to take the same position at the University of Oregon. Should Tiger fans have been concerned about the offer?

After inspectors' recommendations, Truman Veterans Hospital staff to undergo training

Support staff and medical workers at the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital will undergo training to refresh their skills on protective gear usage and proper sterilization of reusable medical equipment.

Missouri Senate moves forward with bill to cut in-home care

Senators worry suggested bill would cut benefits without saving money.

Bat in Pike County confirmed to have deadly white-nose syndrome

A new fungal disease found in bats has killed over one million bats in 11 states and Canada. The fungus has been identified in one bat in Missouri, found in a cave in Pike County.

City OKs sewer line for Cozy Cottages development

Work on the low-income housing project may begin after line is installed.

White employees sue Boone County Partnership, claim racism

Three former employees are alleging that black employees sought to push white employees out of the group.

Rain threatens to delay space shuttle's return

The Discovery space shuttle's first landing attempt at 8:48 a.m. would have it streaking across the sky in the Midwest and parts of mid-Missouri. The second try would have the shuttle descending slightly more to the south, over Washington state and the nation's heartland.

Three Jefferson City men charged with kidnapping Columbia women

Police said women were kidnapped by men who bought marijuana from them.

Weekend round-up: Local, state and sports headlines from April 17-18

This weekly feature wraps up some of the content Missourian staff found most interesting from around the state.

Missouri tax break for appliances runs this week

From Monday through Sunday, people who buy certain new Energy Star appliances will pay no state sales tax.

MU students arrested in cotton ball incident charged with littering

Zachary Tucker and Sean Fitzgerald, the two MU students arrested in connection with the cotton ball incident, have been charged with littering and face Class A misdemeanor charges.

Missouri suit alleges sex abuse in youth swimming

The governing body of U.S. competitive swimming and a swimming coach have been named in a lawsuit that claims the coach had a sexual relationship with the teenage swimmer.

Missouri House approves penalties for owners of biting pets

The bill would make it a misdemeanor if people do not control their animals and someone else is bitten or suffers other injuries.

Authorities begin criminal investigation of Missouri inmate's death

Law enforcement officials have begun a criminal investigation into the death of a 27-year-old inmate at the Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron.

Some students oppose new rec center at Missouri State

Opponents said the building is not necessary during a time when the school is facing deep budget cuts.

Ground broken for Mississippi River bridge

Missouri and Illinois broke ground on the first new Mississippi River bridge in nearly four decades after years of negotiations. The project's estimated cost is $670 million.