Prince of Wales Horse Show returns to Stephens College

 For the first time in 20 years, the Prince of Wales Horse Show will be held at Stephens College. The event is Saturday and Sunday.



Medicaid fraud legislation stalls in Missouri Senate

A bill that would allow private citizens to take legal action on cases of Medicaid fraud stalled in the Senate on Monday.

From up close, volcano shows off might and beauty

A reporter takes a helicopter to the top of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano to see first hand the monster that caused flight delays and other international business problems.

UPDATE: Software glitch kept Missouri agency from billing $2 million

The Department of Mental Health will not be able to reclaim more than a quarter of the unbilled money, but plans to resubmit claims to insurance providers and bill school districts.

Software glitch keeps Missouri agency from billing

The Missouri Department of Mental Health was unable to bill for services the past two years because of software problems.

Nixon's tax credit plan gains support from education officials

In an effort to limit and reorganize Missouri's tax credit programs, Gov. Jay Nixon met with public school teachers and officials on Wednesday to gain their support for his plan.

Roping in spring with rock climbing at Capen Park

Inexperienced and seasoned rock climbers alike participate in the sport of rock climbing. In Columbia, Capen Park is a popular destination for those looking to harness up.

GM announces plans to expand Kansas, Michigan plants

The announcement that two GM plants will be expanded comes after an Associated Press poll found that American-made cars have slightly increased in popularity in the states.

MoDOT recognized nationally for property sales

MoDot raised more than $4.2 million for state highway improvements by selling off excess land.

Rural community leaders to meet in Chamois for tourism meeting

University of Missouri Extension is hosting a three-day workshop on "cultural heritage tourism" on Wednesday in Chamois.

Farmer finds body in field near Harrisonville

Cass County Sheriff Cpl. Kevin Tieman said the body was found Tuesday afternoon in a field south of Harrisonville.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Kinder picks lawyer for health care lawsuit

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder has chosen lawyer Thor Hearne to handle his challenge to the federal health care overhaul. Kinder is raising private money to pay for the legal challenge.

UPDATE: Nixon, education leaders back limits on Missouri tax credits

Gov. Jay Nixon held a news conference Wednesday with education officials from across the state. He called for a halt to tex credits, saying that they diverted money from schools and colleges that need it.

Contractors sue St. Louis Metro for not hiring enough minorities

Metro transit, a St. Louis based agency, is being sued by minority contractors for not meeting inclusive hiring goals.

KC medical school won't open Joplin branch

Plans have been canceled for a private Kansas City medical school to bring a satellite campus to the Missouri Southern State University.