How sustainable are you? Download e-book to find out

Learn how Columbia residents are "going green," and use our tips to do more for the environment.

For Columbia, sustainability is a simple idea with a complicated reality

More than just a buzzword, the concept of "sustainability" has become a cornerstone of the ongoing debate over how we should live today.

DEAR READER: I'm still conflicted over the ethics policy

The conversation about conflict-of-interest moved from the specific to the philosophical, from attending concerts of musicians raising funds for causes to whether we should throw the whole policy in the trash.

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Why you should read our sustainability section

This section outlines strategies for conserving energy, hens, saving water and other practical ways to help the environment and live a sustainable life.

Columbia residents find endless benefits raising chickens

After the ordinance allowing Columbia residents to keep chickens was passed in February, more and more people have been raising chickens at home.

Columbia family gets expert advice on being environmentally friendly

We asked a Columbia family to let us visit their home while local experts in sustainable living evaluated their lifestyle. Though the Sparks family is already doing a pretty good job, Mike Heimos from Columbia's Public Works Department and Ben Datema from the MU Sustainability Office found a few small lifestyle changes that could add up in the long run. We used this experience to show you what you can learn from both the Sparks and the experts.

Home runs help Missouri softball defeat Texas A&M

Links for more resources on sustainable living

Here is a list of 36 online resources for people interested in more information on sustainable living.

Weather postpones Missouri baseball game

The Tigers are set to play Kansas State in a doubleheader, starting at noon Sunday at Taylor Stadium.

Heavy rain floods roadways

Heavy rains have left many roads in Columbia and Boone County covered in deep water, leaving some roads inaccessible and drivers stranded.

Earth Day Festival postponed because of rain

Th event has been pushed back to the week of May 2.

Volunteers clean up Columbia despite the rain

Volunteers collected nearly 2,000 bags of trash Saturday morning as part of the Cleanup Columbia event.

Presenter tackles racial and cultural roots of nation-wide academic achievement gap

Raymond Terrell called for more cultural awareness to fight the academic achievement gap among students of different racial groups at the Parents for Public Schools conference at MU.

Weather service warns of storms, possible flooding

Boone County is under a flash flood watch until 7 p.m.

This Week in Pictures: April 17 to 23

A compilation of photos that highlights activity from the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland, protests in Thailand, Earth Day and more.

Kansas man beats Jeff City pizza challenge

Randy Santel was the first person in two years to eat an 18-inch-by-18-inch square pizza at the Pizza Haus restaurant.

How to make your home energy efficient

Local experts share tips on how to become more energy efficient on a budget and give insight into what they do at their own homes.

Rare morel mushrooms a hot commodity

Stan Hudson hunts for morel mushrooms in local forests with a fierce passion. The mushrooms, which only appear in April and May, serve a competition between friends, a tasty food, a tradition and a source of fun for the hunters.

Medieval Ozarks: 13th century castle rises in Arkansas

A medieval castle is being built 35-miles from Branson in Arkansas. The project, however, is expected to take 20 years because it is being built by only using technology available in the 13th century.