Try these uses for old newspaper

Have some old newspaper lying around? Here are some ideas about sustainable uses for it.

COLUMN: Most commenters add valuable voice to the conversation

Most commentators are looking to strike up a conversation, using verifiable facts and sources that can be found and analyzed.

Kansas City School District's Paseo Academy to open student boutique

A school project opens avenues for Paseo Academy students to use their creativity to open a student-run, student-promoted boutique, featuring student designs.

Kansas City protesters voice disapproal of Arizona immigration law

A new immigration law that will require police officers to question people about their immigration status was passed on Friday in Arizona. Protests against the law were held on Sunday in Kansas City.

ANALYSIS: Nixon seeks to cap tax credits he touted

After campaigning heavily on the expansion of tax credits in Missouri, Gov. Jay Nixon now is calling for new legislation curtailing them.