TODAY'S QUESTION: Will Arizona's immigration law lead to racial profiling?

Some people are concerned about the legality of Arizona's new immigration law, citing that it could promote racial profiling.

Garden to open in honor of former Columbia Mayor Darwin Hindman

Those interested in commemorating former Mayor Darwin Hindman's service to Columbia will be able to celebrate in the Darwin Hindman Discovery Garden in Stephens Lake Park, slated to open next year.

One ranger bears responsibility of patrolling Columbia's parks

Although park ranger Rosanna Arens finds pleasure in her work, she feels that the city could benefit from adding more park rangers.

COLUMN: National Day of Prayer shows importance of separation of church and state

On April 15, a U.S. district court judge ruled that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. I believe the right to pray or not to pray is a personal choice and there should be a clear cut separation of church and state-with no exceptions.

COLUMN: Lawyers don't receive the respect they've earned

Although never matching that of the clergy or physicians, throughout much of American history, lawyers have enjoyed the trust and respect of the people, but that trust has been eroded.

Pitcher shines in rare start for Missouri baseball team

Junior Tyler Clark struck out nine in the Missouri baseball team's 10-2 victory against Eastern Illinois on Tuesday in O'Fallon.

Missouri Senate approves joint resolution detailing board's members, powers

The measure now goes to the House. If that body approves it, voters will see it on the November ballot.

TAP DAY LIST: The newest members of MU's honor societies

MU revealed the identies of its honor societies' new members at the Tap Day ceremonies on Friday.

Pastor quits Independence church after being searched in murder probe

A pastor in Independence resigned from his post last week day after police served a search warrant at the church.

UPDATE: Missouri governor signs law to speed insurance payments

Gov. Jay Nixon has signed legislation that will penalize insurance companies that wait too long to pay claims.

Missouri Senate OKs zoo and museum fees for nonresidents

The Missouri Senate has voted to allow certain zoos and museums to begin to charge admission fees to nonresidents.

Search continues for missing St. Clair woman

A 64-year-old woman from St. Clair has been missing for eight days. Authorities, volunteers and dogs continue to search the woods near her home.

Kirkwood victims memorial may be funded illegally, court to decide

A Kirkwood resident has filed suit against the city because he believes building a memorial with public money is illegal. The memorial, on which construction has already begun, is to honor the victims of the Kirkwood City Hall shooting in February 2008.

Bar Association committee to review Missouri death penalty

Similar studies have been conducted in other states, and in some, a temporary moratorium on the death penalty was recommended.

INTERACTIVE MAP: President Obama's 'White House to Main Street Tour'

President Obama began his White House to Main Street Tour in December 2009. Click the locations on the map to follow where he's traveled on the tour and read information about the locations.

Nixon looks to tax credit reform to solve education funding crisis

Nixon urged the General Assembly to take up the issue even though it has less than three weeks to act.

Rock Bridge tennis team shuts out Marshall

The Rock Bridge tennis team defeated Marshall 9-0 on Tuesday night at Bethal Park.

Missouri town concerned about former Aryan Nations leader opening under-21 club

Residents of Odessa angrily asserted that former national Aryan Nations leader Charles Juba wasn't welcome in their town at a town meeting Monday night. Juba said he has put his racist and anti-Semitic past behind him.

Missouri approves bill penalizing slow insurance payouts

During a ceremony on Tuesday, Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation that will financially penalize insurers that take longer than about 45 days to pay claims to health care providers. The legislation will take effect starting next year.