Obama discusses biofuels with Macon ethanol workers

At the POET Biorefining ethanol plant east of Macon, President Barack Obama spoke to workers about the future of biofuels.

PHOTOS: Obama gives speech at POET Biorefining in Macon

A photo gallery images from when President Barack Obama addressed a crowd at a POET Biorefining facility in Macon on Wednesday, talking about the importance of biofuel, among other topics.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should high schools post sports teams' grade point averages online?

A California high school pushes their student-athletes academically by posting the varsity teams' grade point averages online.

LETTER: Keep special interest out of the judicial branch, don't change Missouri Court Plan

A judge's job is to be impartial and make fair, unbiased judgments, not to represent a special interest. The influencing of judge selection by partisan elections should be avoided.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Bipartisanship helps secure funds to improve Ellis Fischel, fight cancer

The next step is convincing Gov. Jay Nixon that funding the center has long-term benefits.

COLUMN: The meaning of Earth Day is more than just dirt

Students today take for granted recycling bags and rivers they can swim in. In 1970, I marched for the chance to ask about a better way to take care of our Earth.

Missouri sweeps doubleheader against Iowa State

The Tigers' offense stays hot in big wins against the Cyclones.

LETTER: Grinfeld paints wrong picture of Arizona's new immigration law

Grinfield's view on the new Arizona immigration law was dramatized.

Faith keeps Missouri track and field athlete moving forward

Giving is not a new concept in the Mims household. With a four-time Olympian mother, Lana Mims, a senior on the MU track and field team, grew up giving 100 percent of her effort. And then she gave more.

UPDATE: Maplewood Barn's 'Arsenic and Old Lace' postponed

The community theater's stage is still undergoing repairs after being damaged by last month's fire. The head of the board of directors says they would rather wait until the stage is repaired, even if it pushes the opening of "Arsenic and Old Lace" back a week.

Missouri man lands second fishing record in two years

The Harrisonville native caught a 2-pound, 4-ounce black bullhead.

Parking lot improvements planned at parks

Columbia Parks and Recreation will be improving parking lots at six Columbia parks.

Central Missouri Humane Society prepares for renovations

Renovations will begin at the Central Missouri Humane Society during the first week of May. During construction, many animals will be housed at Mid-City Lumber on Paris Road. The renovations are funded by

Macon residents react to Obama's visit to POET Biorefining

President Barack Obama talked about alternative energy on Wednesday during a visit to POET Biorefining, an ethanol plant east of Macon, as part of his White House to Main Street Tour.

Blame game begins in Missouri House as ethics reform appears dead

On Tuesday, 59 representatives filed to discharge the ethics reform bill from its original committee onto the House floor where Republican leaders declared the issue dead. Multiple House Rules Committee members said they wanted ethics reform but not with the $5,000 cap on individual campaign donations attached.

UPDATE: AT&T sales tax license reinstated

AT&T's sales license has been reinstated in Missouri after being revoked less than a month ago.

COLUMN: Obama's speech in Macon a disappointment

While good in a technical sense, President Barack Obama's speech in Macon was disappointingly short and devoid of concrete goals.

Maplewood Barn's 'Arsenic and Old Lace' postponed

Rainy weather has delayed repairs to the stage and electrical wiring that was damaged in a fire on April 5.

MU reactor to ditch weapons grade uranium

The MU Research Reactor Center will be reconfigured to use a safer, low-enriched uranium fuel as part of a national push to minimize security threats.

Macon prepares for President Barack Obama's visit

President Barack Obama will visit the small farming community of Macon on Wednesday, and residents are showing mixed emotions regarding the event.