Parking lot improvements planned at parks

Columbia Parks and Recreation will be improving parking lots at six Columbia parks.

Central Missouri Humane Society prepares for renovations

Renovations will begin at the Central Missouri Humane Society during the first week of May. During construction, many animals will be housed at Mid-City Lumber on Paris Road. The renovations are funded by

Macon residents react to Obama's visit to POET Biorefining

President Barack Obama talked about alternative energy on Wednesday during a visit to POET Biorefining, an ethanol plant east of Macon, as part of his White House to Main Street Tour.

Blame game begins in Missouri House as ethics reform appears dead

On Tuesday, 59 representatives filed to discharge the ethics reform bill from its original committee onto the House floor where Republican leaders declared the issue dead. Multiple House Rules Committee members said they wanted ethics reform but not with the $5,000 cap on individual campaign donations attached.

UPDATE: AT&T sales tax license reinstated

AT&T's sales license has been reinstated in Missouri after being revoked less than a month ago.

COLUMN: Obama's speech in Macon a disappointment

While good in a technical sense, President Barack Obama's speech in Macon was disappointingly short and devoid of concrete goals.

Maplewood Barn's 'Arsenic and Old Lace' postponed

Rainy weather has delayed repairs to the stage and electrical wiring that was damaged in a fire on April 5.

MU reactor to ditch weapons grade uranium

The MU Research Reactor Center will be reconfigured to use a safer, low-enriched uranium fuel as part of a national push to minimize security threats.

Macon prepares for President Barack Obama's visit

President Barack Obama will visit the small farming community of Macon on Wednesday, and residents are showing mixed emotions regarding the event.

Missouri teen murder suspect asks court for school help

The teen is charged as an adult with first-degree murder in last October's killing of Elizabeth Olten, whose body was found just west of Jefferson City.

Obama's tour of Midwest focuses on economic front

During President Barack Obama's three-day tour of rural America, his focus is on the economic side of his politics, and ensuring another economic crisis doesn't strike the heartland.

Columbia Public Schools considers revisions to staff-student policies

The board will look at a series of proposals May 10 concerning relations between students and faculty, notably the use of Facebook as a means of social networking.

UPDATE 2: Teen murder suspect to wear own clothes at trial

A Cole County circuit judge granted 16-year-old Alyssa Bustamante's request to wear regular clothes to her trial instead of her jail uniform. Bustamante is charged with killing her 9-year-old neighbor, Elizabeth Olten.

Judge liquidates two medical insurance companies

A judge ordered the permanent shutdown of two Tennessee companies accused of selling phony medical insurance polices. Twelve states, including Missouri, have issued cease-and-desist orders against the companies.

Missouri Senate wants recreational fishing to be a national priority

A resolution on the topic won Senate approval Tuesday on 31-0 vote. It has no legal effect, but a copy will be sent to President Barack Obama.

Animal shelter euthanizes 27 cats seized from Jefferson City home

The cats all had contagious diseases and were a risk to other animals and shelter employees.

Missouri House candidates disqualified from primary

Sixteen candidates for the Missouri House of Representatives were disqualifed from the primaries for missing a key deadline.

Leader of illegal gambling business pleads guilty

Kansas City man Gerlarmo Cammisano pleaded guilty in federal court to running an illegal bookmaking business for three years.

Winner of $5.5 million Missouri Lottery still silent

The winner has until Oct. 11 to claim the prize money.

UPDATE: Missouri teen murder suspect to wear own clothes during trial

Sixteen-year-old Alyssa Bustamante, who was accused of first-degree murder in the death of her neighbor last October, has been granted permission to wear normal clothes instead of the standard jail uniform during her trail.