UPDATE: SWAT raid prompts Columbia police review of policies

The fatal shooting of a dog during a Columbia Police SWAT team raid in February has prompted death threats after the YouTube video went viral, Chief Ken Burton said at a news conference Thursday.

DEAR READER: Is K2 in the same league as meth? Nope.

The effects from meth are worse than those from K2.

TODAY'S QUESTION: How should possession of K2 be punished?

Senators didn't disagree about the ban of K2, but rather the charges that offenders would receive.


COLUMN: Arizona immigration law should force Congress to act

Congress has been shy to pass a bill regulating illegal immigration, but hopefully with Arizona creating its own immigration law, the government will follow suit.

Barkley House offers haven for animal patients, owners

Shelli McGregor of Nebraska has used Barkley House to stay with her boxer, Brach, while he received radiation treatment at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine. Currently a room at the Stoney Creek Inn, Barkley House may become a full-fledged house in the future.

Ethics reform passes Missouri House in controversial fashion

The bill includes a number of controversial measures and still faces an uncertain future in the Senate.


UPDATE: Tour of Missouri once again in doubt as state funding stalls

The funding is uncertain, and the governor is seen as unlikely to step in at the next minute to save the August race.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Hard to understand the complacency that allowed Hitler's rise to power

Hatred is a passion and something that one feels and has an opinion about. The bigger question is how so many German citizens felt indifferently.

Missouri Senate passes autism bill

With an overwhelming majority, the Missouri Senate passed Thursday a bill to require health insurance coverage for children with autism. The bill awaits a final vote by the House, where it has failed the past two years

Hickman boys basketball coach resigns

 John Burns, who coached the Hickman boys basketball team for only one season, resigned to take another coaching job in Arizona.

Stocks extend plunge on concerns about Greece

The Dow dropped 998.50 points in its largest drop ever but was able to recover to a loss of 505 over the day.

MU School of Medicine receives nearly $8.5 million

The grant will be used to research microcirculation, which could produce results relevant to the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, strokes and heart disease.

Boys & Girls Club coach plays father role for Columbia children

A dozen years ago, Deronne Wilson did not see himself running the day-to-day operations of the Boys & Girls Club in Columbia. Now, he has a hard time picturing himself anywhere else. Wilson serves as a father figure for many of the kids there, and he takes pride in the role.

COLUMN: Thoughtful vigilance will keep us safe

We have learned from the past, but we must continue to be vigilant and keep a watchful eye for ourselves and our fellow citizens.

Lettuce sold in 23 states, including Missouri, recalled because of E. Coli

The affected lettuce is romaine, has a sell-by date of May 12 and is from Freshway Foods of Sidney, Ohio.

New Egyptian galleries to open in Kansas City

Through the exhibit, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art hopes to bring Egyptian culture to Kansas City's children.

Seven arrested during Boone County sobriety checkpoint

A sobriety checkpoint Thursday yielded three arrests for driving while intoxicated, two arrests on suspicion of driving with a suspended or revoked license, one arrest on an adult liquor law violation and one arrest for an outstanding felony warrant.

Plea agreement reached in Missouri grain fraud case

A judge still must accept the agreement with the "Madoff of the Midwest," Cathy Gieseker.

Nontenure track faculty at MU to get representation on faculty council

Nontenure track faculty are poised to elect representatives to the MU Faculty Council.

MU police to conduct alcohol saturation

Police will looking for alcohol violations on campus this weekend. The extra cost is paid for by a grant from the state.