UPDATE: Columbia Police Department still dealing with backlash about SWAT raid

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton answers a reporter's question during a press conference on May 10 at the Columbia Police Department. Burton was discussing the recent incident in which a SWAT entered a Columbia residence while serving a search warrant. SWAT officers shot and killed a pit bull inside the residence. The wife and child of the warrant's defendant were both inside the residence at the time the SWAT team entered.

"We did some things wrong," said Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton at a Monday afternoon press conference held at the Columbia Police Department. "And I'm telling you, it won't happen again."

Columbia police announce further changes to SWAT policy

The decision to execute a drug warrant will now be made by higher-ranking officers, Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton said at a news conference Monday afternoon.

UPDATE: Missouri athletics department denies it received Big Ten invite

The department said "It's all speculation right now" when discussing Missouri joining the Big Ten.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What else can be done to expand and enhance the Katy Trail?

The Katy Trail was once five miles long. It now stretches 225 miles from St. Charles to Clinton.

State budget cuts mean MU salaries stay low

MU's faculty receive the lowest salaries of all 35 AAU schools, yet another by-product of the state's current budget problems.

Community deals with difficulty of talking about race

How do people talk about race? Awkwardly, passionately, shockingly, angrily and hopefully. People shared their stories at a forum about race and diversity in mid-Missouri as well as in separate interviews.

Major hit sidelines Rock Bridge soccer player

Senior Kayla Hauck injured her back during the second half of a game against Cor Jesu.

Law professor: Obama's pick for Supreme Court is nonconfrontational

Kagan would bring diversity to the Supreme Court's way of thinking, says an MU Law School Professor. "It's not really ideologically charged," Richard Reuben said. "It's not a nomination that's going to make the other side mad."

School Board approves select salary schedules for new hires

In Monday night’s School Board meeting, two of three proposals for salary schedules for new hires in select employment groups were approved.

UPDATE: Columbia City Council weighing slate for Planning and Zoning Commission

Columbia City Council members will narrow down the candidates for the Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission from 11 to five by Wednesday.

READ MORE: Stan Kroenke faces complications in buying St. Louis Rams

Stan Kroenke of Columbia is trying to purchase the remaining 60 percent share of the St. Louis Rams. However, NFL rules prohibit cross-ownership, and Kroenke already owns the NBA's Denver Nuggets and the NHL's Colorado Avalanche.

MU student asks for donations to Haiti on her birthday

Lauren Seyfarth, a junior at MU, decided to ask her friends to buy her "shots at hope for Haiti" instead of shots of alcohol for her 21st birthday.

UPDATE: Thunderstorms could bring high winds

High winds between 9 p.m. and midnight tonight could accompany thunderstorms passing through Columbia.

Former MU football player is calling it quits after playing with Mid-Missouri Outlaws

After playing arena football with the Mid-Missouri Outlaws for four years, Ben Lyles has shifted his priority to coaching his sons' teams.

Possibility of thunderstorms, hail, high winds in next 24 hours

It's too early to say when the thunderstorms might start. Check back for more updates.

Officials: Obama nominates Solicitor General Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

Obama will officially announce his choice at 10 a.m. in the East Room of the White House alongside Vice President Joe Biden. Kagan will also speak.

School Board to discuss district policy changes, salary schedules

Monday evening's meeting agenda includes the presentation of proposed changes to the district's  staff/student relations policy and a follow-up on proposed salary schedules.


MU, Stephens College host spring commencement ceremonies this weekend

MU graduates Leon Russell and Eugenie Scott will receive honorary degrees from MU.

MU professor renamed civil rights committee chair

An MU professor will continue his work examining civil rights issues in K-12 education around Missouri.

Missouri charities oppose Gov. Jay Nixon's proposed tax credit caps

Representatives of several charities spoke out against Gov. Jay Nixon and some Republic senators who are trying to limit the amount of annual tax credits to increase money brought in for education and other government programs.