Higher education gets boost from bad job market

Campuses across the nation have reported record enrollments during the current academic year, and there's no reason to think the coming fall will be any different.

Immigrants say old careers don't transfer in U.S.

Many refugees are forced to begin a new line of work when they move to the U.S. because of language barriers, credentialing requirements and poverty. The result, according to experts, creates a severe brain waste, misused human capital and a nuanced human struggle that is often overlooked by the immigration debate.

Missouri neighbors try to erase city's dividing lines

Residents on both sides of St. John Avenue have joined to revitalize the area by capitalizing on its growing diversity. One of the first steps was painting a mural on a wall where paint has never successfully covered the graffiti.

St. Louis becoming major player in chess

The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis, founded three years ago, has helped the city become recognized as a U.S. chess hub.

Missouri sets up conservation area database

The Conservation Department's Conservation Atlas is a searchable database that includes 900 state conservation areas, waterway access points, visitor centers and shooting ranges.

Millions of Medicaid kids don't get medical exams

Almost three-quarters of children on Medicaid in nine states — including Missouri — are not getting all of their legally required medical, vision and hearing examinations, including immunizations, according to a new government study.

Highway markers honor fallen servicemen

Signs were unveiled on Saturday that honor four southeast Missouri servicemen who died while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq on or after Sept. 11, 2001.