Mo. tries again to win federal education grant

Missouri is trying again to win a share of federal grant money for the state education program by submitting a new application.

Church board says charges against Boonville priest appear credible

The Rev. Thomas Seifner remains on administrative leave because a Diocesan Review Board deemed that the allegations of sexual abuse of a minor appear to be credible. However, the Cooper County Sheriff's Department has not looked into the allegations because a victim has not come forward.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Who should be accountable for oil spill cleanup?

President Barack Obama insisted that his administration has been "in charge," yet many critics argued that the government's response was slow and unsuccessful in prompting BP to act in a timely manner. Is it time for the federal government to take control, or should this oil leak be BP's mess to clean up?

Atheist threatens to sue about Illinois cross monument funding

A Chicago-area retired radio talk show host has threatened to sue an Illinois religious group after collecting state money to restore an 11-story cross monument.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources increases rebate for appliance exchange

The appliance exchange is part of a $5.6 million program for consumers to buy specific Energy Star appliances such as dishwashers, furnaces, air conditioners, washing machines and water heaters.

Blunt supports effort to repeal health care law

Republican Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt is the leading Republican candidate this year in the race to replace Missouri's longtime Republican senator, Kit Bond.

MoDOT suspends most Missouri road construction for holiday

The Missouri Department of Transportation said that most roadwork in Missouri would stop at noon Friday and not start again until Tuesday.

UPDATE: No charges against unruly man on St. Louis-bound flight

The FBI says no charges will be filed against a man who became unruly and pounded on a cockpit door during a St. Louis-bound flight from Seattle, causing the plane to be diverted to Nebraska.

St. Louis' women's pro soccer team Athletica folds

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Athletica have folded roughly two weeks after its main London investors stopped funding the team.

Columbia players to appear in Missouri Challenge basketball tournament

Five Columbia high school seniors were chosen to compete in this weekend's all-star basketball tournament.

First Baptist Church to host benefit for Missouri Symphony

Past players of the Missouri Symphony Orchestra will return for another performance in a benefit Saturday hosted by the First Baptist Church.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Hostilities between North and South Korea reach new heights

After a South Korean warship was sunk in the Yellow Sea, tensions with North Korea have elevated, though the country has denied responsibility. The U.N. Security Council is expected to ramp up sanctions on the North, and the U.S. has agreed to work with the South to deter further threats from Kim Jong-Il's regime.

Shots fired at Tiger Village Apartments

A 19-year-old man was shot in the foot, but he has been treated and released from a hospital.

PHOTO GALLERY: Air Show performs at Columbia Regional Airport

The Salute to Veterans Air Show featured several difference types of planes whose performance honored military veterans.

Voluntary Action Center asks for help with Summer Fan Program

The Summer Fan Program provides fans to low-income households with fans as summer approaches and the temperatures heat up.

The Douglass High School Class of 2010: photos and full list of graduates

This is a list of all Douglass High School graduates for the 2010 school year.

Another Columbia church is the victim of a scam

Local churches are urged to be cautious with a scam after the Columbia Police Department received a second report. 

Columbia Police Department seeks applicants for summer youth academy

The program is open to grades 8-12 and is schedule for the week of July 19-23.

Aeroshell Aerobatics Team returns to Columbia for another thrill

The team, which flies vintage WWII-era propeller planes, says they give the audience noise, smoke, speed and excitement for 26 years.

Former NASA Astronaut Hoot Gibson visits Hickman High School

During his visit, Gibson presented awards to three students of Hickman's Columbia Aeronautics and Space Association.