Alden offers assurances that MU will remain in good position

Gary Forsee, president of the University of Missouri System, answers questions from the media during a news conference June 11. Missouri is still a proud member of the Big 12, Forsee said.

MU Athletics Director Mike Alden pledged allegiance to the Big 12 on Friday but said MU will remain in a strong position even if the conference dissolves. Meanwhile, the UM System Board of Curators has scheduled a special closed meeting for Sunday night.

The Week in Pictures: June 5 to 11

The Week in Pictures: June 5 to 11 with images from the World Cup, the oil spill in the Gulf, refinishing the MU Columns and the Stanley Cup.

Budget cuts mean no salary increases for UM System employees

State appropriations for the UM System have been reduced by $96.8 million for the next fiscal year.

UM System Board of Curators announces special meeting Sunday

The Sunday session follows two days of meetings Thursday and Friday at which MU's membership in the Big 12 was a subject of conversation.


COLUMN: Four years too late to get my Smash Mouth internship on

While it's unclear what exactly an intern for the band would do, the qualifications weren't too tough — presuming that you loved Smash Mouth.


GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Excitement builds over World Cup

The World Cup starts Friday in South Africa. Hosting the World Cup well could give momentum to nation-building in a highly race- and class-polarized country where there is a lot of crime and violence.

COLUMN: Compost pile will reduce waste, help your garden grow

Through trial and error and expert help, Michael Burden learned what works and what doesn't with composting. Now he and his family produce one-third the trash they once did and have nutrient-rich compost for their garden.

MU leaders state tentative commitment to Big 12

MU Athletics Director Mike Alden, who met with curators for more than three hours Friday, suggested that Missouri is not interested in the Big Ten, or any league other than its own.

Nebraska plans to join Big Ten

Chancellor Harvey Perlman disclosed the plan during a meeting of the university's Board of Regents, proposing that play in the new conference begin in 2011 after one more year in the Big 12.

Many Missouri farmers not expecting good wheat harvest

A wet spring in 2009 delayed planting of corn and soybeans. That meant those crops came on late and farmers were late getting them out of their fields, which prevented planting of winter wheat.

Missouri moves ahead with debt refinancing

A July 7 state board meeting has been scheduled to accept bids on a refinancing plan that is projected to save $15 million over the next couple of decades.

DEAR READER: It's OK for Helen Thomas' seat to go to another columnist

The White House Press Corps dean's comments about Jews in Palestine ended her career but brought light to an important issue: Should opinion columnists have a front-row seat to the White House briefing room?

UM System vice president appointed to interim state position

David Russell will become the state's interim commissioner of higher education July 1.

World Cup opener watch party held at The Blue Fugue

The watch party drew fans from seven different countries.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Is constant access to the Internet hurtful or beneficial to society?

A report in the New York Times shows that many parents are so engrossed in their smart phones or computers that they are ignoring their children.

Ragtag Cinema offers big screen for World Cup fans

Soccer fans can gather at the Ragtag Cinema to root for their favorite teams and enjoy the company of fellow tournament enthusiasts.

YouZeum attracts Columbia College's interest

Columbia College has expressed interest in purchasing the YouZeum after negotiations with Columbia Public Schools fell through.

UM System news conference doesn't quench Big 12 conference realignment curiosity

Gary Forsee answered a host of questions concerning the Big Ten.

COLUMN: Partnering helps us meet the needs of the community

When organizations work together to serve others, it keeps costs down and the community together.

Big 12 uncertainty causes some anxiety in business community

Business leaders in Columbia are keeping a watchful eye on all of the shifts in college  conferences with the hope that Missouri will continue to draw big crowds during football season.