BLOG: Interfaith worship service draws crowd at Pridefest

The Mid-Mo Pridefest held Sunday also included a worship service for people of all faiths. Representatives from various open and affirming churches in Columbia spoke about a message of love and tolerance for the GLBT community.

Missouri has 5 agents to check 12,000 liquor licenses

State lawmakers slashed more than $1 million from the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control for this year, costing 17 liquor control agents their jobs.

Missouri surgeon credited with two inventions

Bharat Shah, a St. John's plastic surgeon, has come up with a new way to wire a patient's jaw shut that is being developed by Inveno Health, which is the commercialization arm of St. John's Medical Research Institute. The new jaw wiring should be available within a year.

PHOTO GALLERY: Competing at the Show-Me State Senior Games

Senior athletes from across the region spent the weekend competing at the Show-Me State Senior Games.