LOCALLY GROWN: The dilemma on your dinner plate

According to a study published in The Lancet medical journal, global greenhouse emissions from agriculture are even greater than transportation emissions. Even something as simple as bread might contain gluten from Poland, which means a lot of fuel was used to get it to Missouri.

DEAR READER: What would Vox look like on an iPad?

The Vox online coordinator will begin thinking about ways to bring the best of print and the Web to Apple's latest gadget.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Implications of the Gulf oil spill

President Obama has called for a six-month moratorium on offshore drilling. He told the country it is time to embrace a clean energy future and to shift away from reliance on fossil fuels. But clean energy is only going to help us with the electric power side of the equation. In the United States, we almost use no oil in the electric power sector.

Sticky heat settles over Missouri

Much of the state is under a heat advisory until at least Monday evening as temperatures in the 90s combine with high humidity to create a heat index of around 100 degrees.

COLUMN: Would you go in front of the lens?

Allowing a photojournalist to capture the most intimate moments in a subject's life can seem like an awkward concept but it can have a powerful, emotional effect.

COLUMN: Life as an 'American Woman'

Having a song that works as an antidote to rage can save unpleasant children and innocent bystanders from crabbiness.

Detective Jeff Westbrook retires from Columbia Police Department after 22 years

Detective Jeff Westbrook, a lifelong resident of Columbia, has retired from the Columbia Police Department after 22 years of service. He is one of the founding fathers of the Domestic Violence Enforcement Unit.

LETTER: Columbia Public Schools could save money by eliminating pointless bus routes

In the midst of more education cuts from the governor, Superintendent Chris Belcher should consider eliminating some of the busing routes to save money before teachers or programs are cut.

Missouri earns $1 million more from interest payments

The extra earnings are a result of changes in Missouri's investment rules, according to State Treasurer Clint Zweifel. State lawmakers approved a bill last year that gradually removes a cap on the interest banks must pay Missouri for deposits.

The Week in Pictures: June 12 to June 18

The Week in Pictures: June 12 to June 18, featuring images of elephants in India, FIFA World Cup action and a playground wedding.


Online course expansion aims to meet needs of new-age students

University of Missouri System plans to invest $482,000 in grants to develop 124 new online courses.

Police search for suspect in Landmark Bank robbery

A bank robbery occurred on Friday in north Columbia, and police are still looking for a suspect.

Plans for wind turbine on Columbia City Council agenda for Monday

The agenda includes renewing the city manager's authorization application, a report on installation and permitting of a wind turbine and setting public hearings for the next meeting.

Rep. Blunt urges defeat of arms treaty with Russia

U.S. Rep Roy Blunt said he had several intelligence briefings and meeting with defense experts about the treaty between U.S. and Russia.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Is a nonbinding pledge enough to bring stability to the Big 12?

A promise of big-money television contracts was enough to get the 10 remaining Big 12 teams to verbally commit to keep the league together.

USDA touts tighter meat industry antitrust rules

The rules would dictate how meatpackers buy cattle on the open market. Farmers and meat company lobbyists expressed surprise at the scope of the rules, and a prominent meat industry trade group immediately criticized it.

Clay County rounding up deadbeat dads

Clay Count serves warrants on 38 people deliquent in child-support payments. 

Marine from Park Hills dies in Afghanistan

Lance Cpl. Michael Bailey of Park Hills died Wednesday while supporting combat operations in Helmand province. He was shot.

22 cattle die in Missouri after left in corral for 8 days

The Ozark County Sheriff's Department says in a news release that the cattle were found on Monday in a corral that had gates shut at both ends.

600th plant species found in Forest Park

The Michigan Lily was found in the southwest quadrant of the park, one of the nation's largest urban parks