Upcoming ruling pivotal to Missouri Theatre's finances, future

Eric Staley has been the CEO of the Missouri Theatre since September. "I love the arts and doing things on behalf of the arts and the not-for-profit community in general. When you have a place as beautiful as this, it's hard not to be inspired," Staley said.

After a long road of debt trouble and legal disputes, the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts requires big budget changes to keep its doors open. A ruling in the dispute between the theater and Huebert Builders Inc. is expected by Aug. 31. Huebert Builders is seeking $400,000 for unpaid bills.

COLUMN: Conservative feminism is a wolf in a Sarah Palin pantsuit

If Sarah Palin plans to focus more energy on women’s rights, she needs to do some research and come up with a plan that includes more issues other than abortion.

Ride celebrates 20th anniversary of Katy Trail

The Katy Trail Ride, hosted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri State Parks Foundation, is a 225-mile, five-day bike ride that started Monday in St. Charles and will end Friday in Clinton.

Morton's testimony continues in Fields' murder trial

Convicted murderer Gregory Morton took the stand again Wednesday in the trial of Tausha L. Fields. The two are charged with the 2004 murder of Fields' ex-husband, Mitchell Kemp.

LETTER: Bins are better than bags for recycling

Bins would be much more efficient than the current plastic-bag system.

Morton takes the stand in Fields murder trial

The trial of Tausha Fields, charged with the first-degree murder of Mitchell Kemp, continued Wednesday. Morton admitted he killed Kemp, but said Fields was at fault. 

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should SWAT team officers undergo psychiatric evaluations?

An appeal to the Citizens Police Review Board suggests officers involved in February's home raid should be evaluated by psychiatrists before continuing to carry weapons.

Attorneys describe events from opposing angles in Fields murder trial

Proceedings continue for the trial in which Tausha Fields is accused of murdering her former husband. Prosecution and defense attorneys have conflicting descriptions of both the events surrounding Mitchell Kemp's murder and the woman on trial for the crime.

Soccer fans gather in the early morning to cheer United States

Before the regulation 90 minutes expired, things were looking pretty bleak for those cheering for a U.S. victory.

Citizens can comment on proposed bus route changes

Citizens can make comments about proposed bus route changes at the Public Transportation Advisory Commission meeting 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday at City Hall, 701 E. Broadway in conference room 1A.


PHOTO GALLERY: Berry workshop held at Jefferson Farm and Gardens

The workshop included lectures held at MU's Bradford Farm, in-the-field tasting and exploration at Jefferson Farm and Gardens and a visit to a private U-Pick berry farm in Columbia.

Oldest horse in Missouri dies at 41

Mr. Kid Bars was born in Warrensburg on May 16, 1969, when Richard Nixon was president, protesters of the Vietnam War marched on Washington, D.C., and gas cost 35 cents per gallon.

Preliminary plans unveiled for downtown Columbia

Proposed changes to the city called for removing some roads, shifting others and adding more green spaces downtown.

Oklahoma also heard from SEC in conference realignment talks

The University of Oklahoma president said Wednesday that the SEC made an offer to the school as a reaction to the possible breakup of the Big 12.

Gordon Lamb to start as interim president July 1 at University of Central Missouri

The Warrensburg school says Gordon Lamb has agreed to serve for one month as interim president, beginning July 1. After new president Chuck Ambrose begins work Aug. 1, Lamb will work as needed in a temporary advisory capacity.

Columbia police chief speaks to CoMoCitizens about policy changes

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton met with a group of public safety activists to discuss policy changes within the department. CoMoCitizens has asked the department and the Columbia City Council to make the department's policy changes legally binding.


Drury University program helps blind students

The university hosted blind and visually impaired students on campus for a week, teaching them how to nagivate college life.

Who knew? Missouri town holds world record for rainfall

Holt saw an estimated 12 inches of rain in 42 minutes on the evening of June 22, 1947.

Missouri man accused in death of his newborn daughter

Marlon Maurice Hines is jailed on $50,000 cash-only bond. Hines told authorities he used pressure on the child's chest to keep her from squirming while he changed the diaper.


Worker critical after fall in elevator shaft

The accident happened Wednesday at the Lemp Brewery site in St. Louis. KSDK-TV reports the 28-year-old worker stepped into a dark elevator but the platform wasn't there. He fell about three stories.