COLUMN: Big 12 shakeup was all about the money

The conference is being held together on a promise — a promise that could fall apart.

LOCALLY GROWN: When it comes to home improvements, conservation is still king

Just taking care of the "little" things around your house can save money on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. A good place to start is an free energy audit offered by the city of Columbia.

Fifth day of trial shows videos of Tausha Fields, detectives

Friday morning during Tausha Fields' murder trial, videotapes were shown from voluntary interviews Fields' did in Alabama preceding her arrest.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Is there a better way to reduce the state budget without cutting into education?

The governor defended the latest round of cuts, saying that tax revenue fell short of projections and that legislators had failed to pass other money-saving measures.

COLUMN: Andrew Lloyd Webber got it right

The Phantom of the Opera hints at truths in life, even if it is hidden among cheesy songs, babes and circus freaks.

COLUMN: A revised version of adulthood

Are we waiting later in life to settle down and have kids? Sure, and there are plenty of good reasons for it.

DEAR READER: Work under way to revamp Missourian Stylebook

It's the time of year when editors at the Missourian engage in one of their favorite pastimes: arguing about words and how to use them. We're revamping the stylebook, a process that's not for the faint of heart.

Boil order issued in Northeast Columbia

According to a city news release, residents in the area "north of Mexico Gravel Road, east of Wellington Drive, south of Mount Hope Road and west of North State Highway PP" are under boil order.

Detective testifies in Fields trial about search for victim's body

Boone County Sheriff's Department Detective David Wilson testified about how Tausha L. Fields was involved with finding the body and the admitted lies she told to investigators during the process.

LETTER: Drone attacks create more terrorists than they eliminate

Although Sen. Kit Bond and Sen. Claire McCaskill agree about the Predator's effectiveness in carrying out strikes, neither acknowledged the numerous civilian deaths or the anger caused by the drone war in Pakistan.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: A look at World Refugee Day

The U.N. refugee agency reported that there are 43 million displaced people in the world and about 15 million of those are refugees. It's up to organizations like Human Rights Watch to come in and help U.N. organizations be more assertive in advocating for protection for refugees.

John Anderson's charity golf event kicks off with Sunday gathering

A pre-event gathering to Monday's John Anderson Celebrity Golf Invitational is planned for Sunday evening at Shiloh Barr and Grill in downtown Columbia.


Dogs go to work, even if owners didn't know it was Take Your Dog to Work Day

 Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day, a campaign sponsored by Pet Sitters International to promote pet adoption. In Columbia, folks didn't seem to know it was an official day for taking a canine to the office, but they had their pets at work with them.

Missouri governor bans nudity, alcohol at strip clubs

Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation Friday that prohibits nudity and alcohol at strip clubs and other sexually oriented businesses, among other restrictions.

Heat, humidity to return on Saturday

The National Weather Service issued people in the Columbia area to take precautions on Saturday with outdoor activities.

The week in pictures: June 19 to 25

The week in pictures: featuring images of Americans' World Cup victory, flooding in China, and hot days in Columbia.

LETTER: Newspapers must provide better election coverage for primaries

Voters deserve more information about candidates in Aug. 3 primary elections. 

Woman issued summonses for cat abuse did not appear in court

Susan Kohler, who is accused of keeping 32 cats in a Motel 6 room, failed to appear for her court date Friday.

More children trapped in sweltering cars dying

A researcher says 18 children have died of hyperthermia since the beginning of the year, with eight deaths reported since June 13. Government and safety experts are telling parents that they never should leave children in an unattended vehicle or allow kids to play in cars and trucks.

Missouri governor signs bill on in-home care for disabled

Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation that would allow independent contractors to asses whether disabled people qualify for in-home care services. Supporters hope this will save millions of dollars in the state Medicaid program.