Spain wins World Cup over Netherlands with goal in extra time

Spain's Carles Puyol holds the World cup trophy after the World Cup final soccer match between the Netherlands and Spain at Soccer City in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Sunday. Spain won 1-0.

COLUMN: 'Twilight' never sounded so good

Don't want to read the books? By all means, skip the drama. But you'd have to be a heartless vampire not to enjoy the soundtracks.

THE WEEK IN COMMENTS: Strip clubs, flooding, clean energy

Every week, readers of offer their opinions on the news and the Missourian's coverage of it. Here, we offer you a digest of some of the conversations we found most interesting.

Jewelry maker opens The Bead Gallery in North Village Arts District

Jessica Otterbacher offers her expertise to new and experienced jewelry makers in workshops at The Bead Gallery, the store she has dreamed of creating since college.

ANALYSIS: Implementing Missouri energy law proves tough

Voters approved a law in 2008 to require investor-owned utilities to use renewable energy sources for more of their electricity, but the details of implementing the law, which takes effect Sept. 30, are more complicated than they might have thought.

Water skiers gather for tournament at Columbia's Lake Sundance

Skiers from Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois and Nebraska participated in the USA Water Ski event on Saturday at Lake Sundance to spend time with family and friends and to increase their rankings as competitive skiers.

COLUMN: God's the eternal trash remover

Garbage bags might be great for around-the-house garbage, but with spiritual garbage we need a higher power.

BP happy with new oil-leak effort, but no promises

A new cap should make a tighter seal over the leak in the Gulf of Mexico and might eventually allow BP to capture all the escaping oil.