Citizens Police Review Board hears first appeal, tables until August

A California resident was the first person to file a complaint about the Feb. 11 SWAT raid with the Citizens Police Review Board.

Engulfed: Telling stories from the epicenter of the oil spill

Today, Missourian assistant city editor Matt Pearce begins reporting from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster area on the human damage that is occurring.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia air quality

You can learn about air quality, pollutant levels and the UV index from the Environmental Protection Agency.

TODAY’S QUESTION: Do you support the efforts of a civilian to capture Osama bin Laden?

Recently, an American returned from Pakistan after claiming he came close to capturing Osama bin Laden.

Information about the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill

There are many resources available to donate to the oil spill relief efforts and keep updated on the latest news and progress made in the Gulf.

New high school means big change to grade-level setup

So long, junior high; see you later, middle school. When the new high school opens, the grade setup for Columbia Public Schools will change, putting ninth graders in high schools and grades six through eight in intermediate schools.

LOCALLY GROWN: Solar raising

Volunteers eager to learn about solar energy came from as far away as Memphis, Tenn., to lend a hand in a solar raising, an event sponsored by the nonprofit solar advocacy group, Show Me Solar.

COLUMN: Instead of outlawing guns, keep guns away from outlaws

Criminalizing firearms benefits criminals the most. Instead, courts should work to ensure that the only people with guns are those who will use them safely.

COLUMN: Health care suit exercises freedom, but argument is no-win

The lieutenant governor's lawsuit is an example of every citizen's right to address greivances, but the argument over government authority is a states' rights issue.

Columbia Public Schools adding more variety to school lunches

Columbia Public Schools is trying to put more Missouri-grown food into school lunches. Just ask the kids at Paxton Keeley Elementary School. On Wednesday, they had zucchini casserole made with Missouri-grown vegetables — and they didn't hate it.

UPDATE: Missouri governor to sign Ford tax break bill

The Senate passed the bill 20-7, and the House approved it 101-40 Wednesday after Sen. Chuck Purgason, R-Caulfield, gave up on his all-night filibuster.

Department of Natural Resources closes 3 Missouri swimming beaches for E. coli

Beaches at Harry Truman, Pomme de Terre and Wakonda state parks will remain closed until the bacteria levels are acceptable.

UPDATE: Senator continues filibuster on Ford incentives bill

Republican Sen. Chuck Purgason dominated a daylong debate on the legislation.

Engulfed: Oil disaster surprisingly elusive

In the convuluted geography of Louisiana's coast, the effects of the massive spill are yet to be seen.

Key developments in Missouri's special session

The special session has brought changes to automaker incentives, pension funds, abortion clinics and the Missouri Ethics Commission.

UPDATE: Missouri lawmakers approve state pension changes

The retirement legislation passed both the House and Senate and now goes to Gov. Jay Nixon. The bill requires new state employees to contribute 4 percent of their pay toward their pension and to spend at least a decade working for the state to qualify for pension.

Carl Edwards' annual bike ride raises money for childhood friend

Carl Edwards made his annual bike ride to McBaine Wednesday with friend Sam Russell, who is paralyzed from the chest down from a mountain biking accident. This was Russell's first year riding since his accident.

UPDATE: Bike Boulevard artist excited about first street mural project

Chosen Bike Boulevard artist, Sandra Eccles, plans to visit mural sites at Ash and St. Joseph streets and Windsor and Melbourne streets July 30. This is her first street mural project.

Columbia Transit bus routes to change in August

Columbia bus routes and schedules are set to undergo major changes beginning Aug. 2. The hope is that the increased north, east and west routes will allow individuals greater employment opportunities and Saturday services will mirror weekday schedules to lessen confusion.

Missouri governor vetoes 5 bills

None of the bills had gotten significant attention during the last legislative session.