SLIDESHOW: Show-Me State Games Day 1 baseball, 10-and-under division

The Boone County Bad Boys played the Rolla Redbirds in the 10-and-under division of the Show-Me State Games Friday at Cosmo Park. The Redbirds ranked in a slightly higher competitive class and won the game 13-0.

The Games continue through the weekend and next weekend, as well.

PHOTO GALLERY: Opening ceremonies at the 2010 Show-Me State Games

Athletes from across the state arrived in Columbia Friday for the opening ceremonies and competition in the Show-Me State Games. Events continue next weekend as well.

Engulfed: Veteran Gulf fisherman hanging it up for BP oil cleanup work

George Barisich has fished the Gulf for decades. But Saturday, he will hang up his fishing gear and join the scores who now work for BP.

DEAR READER: Cool off from the heat with some fun from a would-be kid

Have you heard? It's hot. What more can be said about it? A lot.

Greyhounds know Show-Me State Games basketball about more than winning

In the three years the Columbia Greyhounds have played Show-Me State Games basketball, they haven't won a game. But that doesn't mean they're not enjoying the experience.

COLUMN: Reliving 'Now! Vol. 1' a delightfully tacky trip

By forcing you to remember the best (and worst) moments of the musical past, the "Now! That's What I Call Music" series provides a healthy dose of nostalgia. Now, try listening to nothing but it for two weeks.

COLUMN: Lip balm is insidious, evil, makes me feel so good

I think I'm addicted to lip balm; pharmacists disagree.

PHOTO GALLERY: Show-Me State Games Day 1 basketball

Youth basketball games started Friday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Last day of summer school classes in Columbia

More than 7,000 students in the Columbia Public School District attended summer school classes this year, which is slightly lower than attendance in year's past.

Pitcher leads Columbia Gators to win in Show-Me State Games baseball

The Gators, a Columbia-based baseball team playing in the 9-and-under age division of the Show-Me State Games, won their first game Friday. 

New high school bid list 'a living document,' building services director says

Construction managers for the new high school continue to adjust elements of the project to attempt to bring down the cost.

Maplewood's 'Othello' offers a transforming Iago

An atypical cast, a villainous scheme and creative budgeting came together in the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre's production of "Othello" in Nifong Park.


GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Reactions to the Ugandan bombings

The bombings was the first act of international terrorism done by al-Shabab since it was established in 2007, so it was a shock to Ugandans. The president of Uganda has asked for more troops, but so far fighting the al-Shabab militarily has not really worked because they are guerilla fighters.

Missouri Show-Me Games' strength is participation

The Governor's Council and MU determined early on that the right focus for Missouri's games was "health, fitness, family and fun." They then set about building both the culture of the Games and a business model to ensure sustainability.

SLIDESHOW: Pictures of the Week, July 11-17

Pictures highlighting events from the week locally and worldwide.

Summer school wraps up in Columbia; district led its own program this year

Summer school in Columbia Public Schools ended Friday, and it appeared to go smoothly. This was the first year since 2003 that the district ran summer school without using an outside firm.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Does Nebraska's new abortion law make a woman's right to choose unnecessarily difficult?

The new law is on hold while the court considers a lawsuit on the matter. 

City Council to discuss Richland Road annexation

The City Council plans to swear in the new Water and Light director, Tad Johnsen, and discuss two annexation proposals along Richland Road.

Show-Me State Games set to begin Friday

The opening ceremonies for this summer's Show-Me State Games take place Friday night in Columbia, and for the first time will feature live entertainment. Another new feature is the Show-Me State Games Village, modeled after the Olympic Village.


Coaches face off in Show-Me State Games tennis tournament

Coaches from Missouri high schools competed in the tennis tournament at the Show-Me State Games to encourage their players to stay active in the offseason.