Engulfed: Five years on, Lower Ninth Ward still recovering

Shirley Livers, 72, on the front porch of her refurbished home in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Hurricane Katrina took her house; then Lou Gehrig's disease took her son. But New Orleans resident Shirley Livers is surviving each day by taking stock in the little things.

LETTER: Christianson will support progressive public safety agenda

Ted Boehm is the former Boone County Sheriff and supports Scott Christianson for Boone County Presiding Commissioner.

LETTER: Christianson would make good leader for Boone County

Current Presiding Commissioner Ken Pearson says Scott Christianson stands out as a leader.

Engulfed: What you should know, how you can help

Southern Louisianans are a tough bunch, but the oil spill is likely to affect their way of life for years to come. Right now, there are ways to help.

City Council discusses Richland Road annexation

Council sets Oct. 18 as decision day for two annexation proposals along Richland Road. The requests were first made in November 2008.

Crane operator helps build parking garage, fights heat

You might not know Virgil Jeffery by name, but he's that speck in the glass box at the top of the big, blue crane downtown. Jeffery says he has a pretty cool job, even if the box is anything but cool.

Missouri special session cost more than $120,000

Most of the expenses were paid to legislators for reimbursements.

This Week in Comments: Gun control, BP, Wabash Station

Every week, readers of offer their opinions on the news and the Missourian's coverage of it. Here, we offer you a digest of some of the conversations we found most interesting.

Judge dismisses open records lawsuit

Judge Kevin Crane said attorney Stephen Wyse does not have a right to surveillance footage from the Columbia Police Department. Wyse plans to appeal the decision.


Candidate for state auditor

VOTERS GUIDE: Susan Montee

Candidate for state auditor


Candidate for state auditor

State auditor job description

VOTERS GUIDE: Tom Schweich

Candidate for state auditor

VOTERS GUIDE: Summary of the functions of Boone County presiding commissioner

VOTERS GUIDE: Scott Christianson

Candidate for Boone County Presiding Commissioner

VOTERS GUIDE: John Sam Williamson

Candidate for Boone County Presiding Commissioner


Candidate for U.S. Senate

VOTERS GUIDE: Deborah Solomon

Candidate for U.S. Senate

VOTERS GUIDE: Davis Conway

Candidate for U.S. Senate