Missouri closes 3 beaches because of high E. coli levels

The closed parks are Wakonda, Pomme de Terre and Watkins Woolen Mill.

Hedrick's Educational Petting Zoo brings exotic animals to Boone County Fair

You might not know what Patagonian cavy is. But at Hedrick's Educational Petting Zoo, through Sunday at the Boone County Fair, you've got a chance to pet one.

Senate approves jobless payments to millions

Despite months of bitter disagreement, a measure to restore benefits to the unemployed passed the Senate Wednesday in a 59-39 vote. The president is expected to sign it into law on Thursday.

Doubling up no problem for Carl Edwards

NASCAR has considered changes to the Nationwide Series that could affect the participation of Cup drivers, who routinely dip down to take victories against smaller teams and less-experienced drivers. But Columbia native Carl Edwards says he sees no reason why he shouldn't compete for the NASCAR Sprint Cup and the sport's second-tier title at the same time.

Rehab-first approach promising for amateur athlete ACL tear

A study found that of those who had rehab before surgery, less than half needed surgery within two years.

Justice Department: Prosecutor firing political, not criminal

Todd Graves of Missouri was one of the nine prosecutors fired.

New guidelines aim to reduce repeated C-sections

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists eased restrictions on who might avoid a repeat C-section, declaring a vaginal birth after cesarean safe for most women.

Missouri cleans up after storms; more possible

Cleanup continues in Hannibal, Louisiana and other towns after strong storms Monday and Tuesday prompted flash flooding, killing a Louisiana woman.

Columbia police, community members openly discuss racial profiling

The police department, a Pittsburgh professor and community members tackled a sticky issue during a discussion panel Wednesday night: Race.

Columbia Bicycle/Pedestrian Commission to hold meeting Wednesday night

The meeting is to discuss options to improve the connection between Forum Boulevard and the MKT Trail.

Blind KC couple get newborn back after 57 days

An infant is returned to her parents after having been removed because of concerns over their ability to care for her.

U.S. Senate filibuster broken; jobless benefits may flow soon

The Senate is poised to pass legislation today restoring jobless benefits for millions of people unable to find work in the frail economic recovery.

Queen crowned at Boone County Fair

Melinda Houttuin was crowned Boone County Fair Queen after topping five other contenders to the throne Wednesday night.  


UPDATE: Rivers rising again in Missouri

The up-again-down-again Mississippi River is back above flood stage from the southern tip of Iowa through Missouri.

St. Louis nightclubs face crackdown

St. Louis city leaders are threatening to pull liquor licenses for three downtown nightclubs following a series of violent incidents.