TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you expect from the Tigers this season?

Many fans expect a strong performance from the Tigers in this last season of the Big 12 Conference as we know it.

COLUMN: Social Security is in better shape than you may think

Worries about Social Security running out can be put to rest by doing a little research. Worrying about cutting benefits to the program should be what Americans lose sleep over.

Douglass Youth Baseball League visits the Negro League Baseball Museum

Children from the Douglass Youth Baseball League got the chance to learn about some of the greatest players in baseball history at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City on Tuesday.

GUEST COLUMN: Health care reform ultimately helps Missourians

Though health care reform — especially the issue of the individual mandate — is a controversial subject, but it will help Missouri residents lead healthier lives.

Showmen show off steers and knowledge to judge

Showmen and steers are judged at the Steer Show and Showmanship at the Boone County Fair.

Grizzlies dazzle at Boone County Fair

Larger-than-life bears performed at the Boone County Fair as part of Welde's Grizzly Bear Show. This is the first year the bears have appeared at the fair.

County development, budget among voter concerns for commissioner

Voters will consider Boone County's population growth, money and roads when they visit the polls Aug. 3.

Rain sticks and storytelling bring out the individual in children

Children making rain sticks  asserted their individuality at the Columbia Public Library's "Storytelling, Art and Music," part of the 12-day celebration of the 20th anniversary of the ADA. 

Ice cream made by tractor motor keeps Boone County Fair cool

A self-proclaimed carny built a homemade vanilla ice cream maker using a John Deere motor with the help of a long-time friend. They brought their cool dessert to the Boone County Fair for the first time this year.

Feds, farmers create habitats for migrating birds

Environmental officials are hoping to have 150,000 acres of manmade wetlands ready for migratory bird use by Aug. 15. The project spans the five Gulf states and Arkansas, Georgia and Missouri.

VOTERS GUIDE: Tony Laszacs

Furever Foster program gives pets a second chance

Columbia Second Chance's Furever Foster program helps place older animals and those with special needs into new homes.

COLUMN: Fear of becoming Barbra Streisand has me kvetching

I would certainly not be afraid of being exotically gorgeous with powerhouse vocal cords. I am afraid of being so mentally and emotionally complicated that I end up alone or, much worse, overbearingly dramatic.

Candidate Cauthorn opposes federal government, receives USDA subsidies

John Cauthorn, who's vying for a seat in the Missouri House of Representatives in the Aug. 3 primary, has received $435,921 in federal subsidies over the last 14 years, despite a platform for less federal government.

Missouri ballot measure tests federal health care law

More than 1 million people are expected to participate in what amounts to the largest-ever public opinion poll on the nation's new health care law.

Gov. Nixon in Columbia to launch economic planning intiative

Gov. Jay Nixon's economic initiative steering committee met in Columbia on Thursday to begin creating a five-year plan for economic development.

Wakonda and Lake of the Ozarks state park lakes closed for high E. coli levels

Two public swimming beaches at Wakonda and Lake of the Ozarks state parks will be closed this weekend due to high E. coli levels.


Panels to probe sterilization problems at St. Louis VA clinic

Nearly 2,000 veterans who underwent dental procedures might have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis.

Columbia family eager for tractor pull at Boone County Fair

For Steve and Lydia Bell competing in tractor pulls is what the summer is all about, and Saturday's event at the Boone County Fair is among their favorites.

Citizens feel burned by proposed budget cuts to fire company

Fire Station No. 2 on West Worley Street will continue to operate with only one company, instead of its usual two, if the city manager's budget proposal comes to fruition.