Top Missouri receiver breaks bone in wrist

Jerrell Jackson broke the scaphoid bone in his left wrist in practice on Wednesday and could be sidelined for the next four weeks.

Freshman has perfect mentor for MU football career

If the comparisons are accurate, and freshman tight end Eric Waters, is the next Martin Rucker, he has the right mentor to guide him through his Missouri football career — 2007 All-American Martin Rucker.


MU tight end returns from offseason surgery

After playing through the 2009 season with a shoulder injury, Andrew Jones had his torn labrum repaired. He returns to the Missouri football team's preseason camp with the challenge of getting back into shape.

COLUMN: Responsible journalism doesn't threaten national security

J. Karl Miller writes that when the safety of those fighting for freedom is at stake, it shouldn't be up to journalists to determine what information the public deserves to know.

COLUMN: Shopping for the planet

My Green Cities, an application created by Arianna Parsons, helps support both local businesses and the environment.

History of the Citizens Police Review Board

The board heard its first appeal of a complaint more than one year after the Columbia City Council unanimously passed the ordinance establishing it in July 2009.

Blagojevich jurors suggest they might be deadlocked

In day 11 of deliberations, the jurors told Judge James B. Zagel they couldn't reach a unanimous decision and asked for guidance.

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture to accept electronic food stamps

The production farm at the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture — home to row after row of fruits, herbs and veggies — is about to get an electronic debit system for food stamps. The organization will also use a buy-one-get-one-free system.

Flooding, traffic concerns surround new parking lot for Jefferson Junior High School

Creating a new lot would allow parents to more easily pick up and drop off students, but its construction also could contribute to flooding problems in the area.

Olive Café prepares for Ramadan

The Olive Café, which specializes in Middle Eastern food, is preparing for its first Ramadan, a monthlong holiday in Islam. Evening hours have been extended, and the menu has been changed.

Perseid meteor shower to 'graze' sky Thursday night

If the night sky stays clear Thursday, Columbia residents could see a light show from the annual Perseid meteor shower. There's also an alignment of Mars, Saturn and Venus.

Judge says public defenders must represent client

The Missouri State Public Defender's Office, which says it has reached its limits, is told that it cannot refuse new cases.

UPDATE: Columbia man gets settlement in wrongful conviction

A Columbia man who spent nearly 16 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murder has reached a settlement in a lawsuit filed against the southeast Missouri county that put him behind bars.

TODAY’S QUESTION: Should the U.S. send the imam who is promoting building a mosque near ground zero to the Middle East?

The State Department plans to send the imam at the center of plans to build a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks on a trip to the Middle East.

Citizens Police Review Board discusses SWAT raid, long waits for complaints

The board talked about the Feb. 11 SWAT raid and, for a second time, cleared the officers involved.

UPDATE: Missouri sheriffs back states' immigration efforts

The Missouri Sheriffs' Association released a statement showing support for efforts by states to pass their own immigration laws and noted that law enforcers on the border faced increased dangers.

FBI says 'Granddad Bandit' captured in Louisiana

A man suspected of robbery in 13 states dubbed the "Granddad Bandit" for his grandfatherly resemblence was identified with the help of billboards. It is unclear if he is actually a grandfather.

UPDATE: Columbia business part of strip club lawsuit

A local businessman said he would have to lay off two employees if a Missouri law, which regulates adult stores and strip clubs, goes into effect.

Free conservation field tour to be held Thursday

A variety of speakers are slated to discuss agricultural conservation topics such as pond management, rain gardens and soil conservation. 

Lang-Mendenhall engagement

Courtney Lang of Columbia and Zach Mendenhall of Hutchinson, Kan., will be married in August.