KC police say gang targeted other criminals

Five Kansas City men are facing charges after plotting to rob an alleged drug dealer. Police say criminals target other criminals because they don't believe they will alert the police.

'Miracle' in Colombia jet crash: 1 dies, 130 live

Only one of 131 people aboard the plane that crashed this morning died. Officials are looking into reports that the plane was hit by lightning.

Human Rights Campaign: Target won't offer olive branch

Target Corp. chose not to try to rectify donations it made to support a Minnesota gubernatorial candidate who opposes gay marriage, sparking nationwide boycotts of the retail giant.

Birds can't deter Kings of Leon's St. Louis return

The Kings of Leon rock band is hoping its fans will return — and the pigeons won't — for a second concert in St. Louis.

6 past Westminster dog show winners together in Gray Summit

Nestle Purina is unveiling its Purina Event Center this week with help from some special guests — a half-dozen former "Best in Show" winners at the Westminster dog show.

Missouri opening new bridge funded by stimulus package

State officials have planned a grand opening for a mid-Missouri bridge that was the first construction project in the nation begun with federal stimulus funds.