MU opens to a record freshman class

MU senior Jen Stem pauses to check a campus map in front of Jesse Hall on the first day of fall classes. Stem thought her psychology class was located south of campus but was relieved to find out it was on White Campus instead.

Another year of record freshmen enrollment has a variety of MU campus services making accommodations for the growing student body. Students and staff notice a variety of changes around campus as the school year begins.

Alexander lands NFL job, plays catch-up with Rams

Alexander said he got a congratulatory text message from Missouri coach Gary Pinkel.


Sen. Kit Bond calls for tax incentives, increased clean-energy output by businesses

Sen. Kit Bond is promoting the use of tax incentives to spur the production of biomass products that can be converted into clean energy sources.

High school diploma still out of reach for Missouri teen murder suspect

A teenager's second request to finish her high school education while in jail was denied.

UPDATE: Missouri court orders release of convicted burglar

The Missouri Supreme Court has ordered the release of Dwight Laughlin, a man convicted of first-degree burglary and first-degree property damage 17 years ago.

Columbia women rely on experience in marathon river race

Linda LaFontaine and Cami Ronchetto are the oldest women’s tandem competing in Missouri River 340 race, a 340-miler designed for canoes and kayaks along the Missouri River that begins Tuesday.

LETTER: Building a mosque near ground zero sends the right message

Building a mosque near ground zero says that we don't blame a whole religion for the actions of a few and that we practice what we preach.

Local couple hopes 'Today' show gives them their dream wedding

Two Columbia residents hope they'll have the opportunity to get married live on the "Today" show in a planned and paid-for wedding. Melissa McMillin, 21, and Jeremy Gebhardt, 22, were announced as finalists Monday.

Boone County Fire Protection District has set aside to pay FEMA, if need be

 The Boone County Fire Protection District approved a budget that will pay back $752,453 owed to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and purchase new equipment.

Missouri's Ashton Glaser stands out with physical presence at quarterback

Ashton Glaser, who is currently the fourth-string quarterback, has performed well in scrimmages, displaying a physical style of play. He is trying to battle his way up the Tigers depth chart.

MU softball player leads USA Baseball team to bronze medal

The Missouri sophomore was named to the All-Tournament Team at the International Baseball Federation's Women's World Cup.


Missouri receiver Wes Kemp blocking slow preseason

Missouri receiver Wes Kemp's role in the offense goes beyond catching the ball. When the ball isn't in his hands, Kemp takes pride in his blocking abilities. His teammates are noticing.



Local couple makes finals of NBC 'Today Show' wedding competition

A Columbia couple made the finals of the Today Show's Modern Wedding contest. Voting for the winners continues through Tuesday afternoon, and winners will be announced Wednesday.

Hearings into cause of oil spill begin in Houston

Federal investigators are hearing testimony from BP executives through Friday in Houston.

TODAY’S QUESTION: Should the Islamic community center be built near ground zero?

A proposed Islamic community center near ground zero has stirred controversy. Weigh in with your thoughts.

Missouri to award grants for record preservation

Applications are encouraged for records that have been under-documented, such as those from post-World War II immigrants or small religious organizations.

Missouri gets new waterway designations

The U.S. Department of Transportation has assigned a numbering system to the nation's main waterways, mirroring the system used on interstate highways.


SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia projects funded by stimulus

Millions of federal dollars are flowing into mid-Missouri. Find out where it's going.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU students kick off fall semester

The 2010-2011 school year began Monday at MU. Missourian photographers not only chronicled the annual poster sale and the inevitable long lines at University Bookstore, but also students' introduction to the brand new, swank MU Student Center.

Perry County law enforcement officials use voice analysis during investigations

The Perry County Sheriff's Department used a Computer Voice Stress Analyzer in a recent burglary investigation.