UPDATE: Artificial lung helps Missouri 2-year-old off transplant list

In June, it seemed Owen Stark would need a new lung to live. But an artificial lung has saved his life, doctors say, and he could return home in a month.

Eggs from Iowa farms to be used

Eggs from the two farms responsible for the salmonella outbreak will continue to be used in a pasteurized form with no safety risk because of the high temperature of the process killing the bacteria.

PHOTO GALLERY: Galactic Fun Zone employees prepare for Sept. 9 opening

In anticipation of the Sept. 9 grand opening of the new Galactic Fun Zone, employees have been completing finishing touches on the facility, preparing big screen TVs and constructing bowling alley floorboards on what will be eight lanes. The facility will also include billiards, laser tag and arcade games.

Eggs in the raw? Experts say give them a pass

Fears about undercooked eggs have grown since more than a half-billion have been recalled because of salmonella concerns. Experts encourage caution when cooking and consuming eggs.

Egg recall has some changing buying, eating habits

The egg is a staple in thousands of diners, bakeries and home kitchens nationwide. That's why consumers, store owners and cooks scrambled after the recall of more than 500 million eggs linked to cases of salmonella poisoning.

Missouri women's basketball faces challenging 2010-11 schedule

The Tigers' schedule includes 13 games against teams that made the NCAA Tournament in 2010.

MU professor Charles Davis receives Freedom of the Press Award

MU journalism professor Charles Davis was honored by the National Press Club for his efforts "to force light" onto information that is concealed from the public.

Branson aldermen ban tobacco use in city buildings, vehicles

The Branson Board of Aldermen voted to ban the use of tobacco in city-owned vehicles and buildings, as well as areas within 25 feet of city building entrances.

Missouri volleyball announces elementary youth league schedule

Missouri Tigers volleyball players will help lead youth volleyball leagues, open to third- through fifth-graders, that begin Sept. 27 and last for five weeks.

Evangel University includes self-defense for new students

Evangel University in Springfield offered its first self defense training program on Tuesday. The two sessions were taught by a local martial arts instructor during university orientation.

Iraq veterans welcomed back at Fort Leonard Wood

Fort Leonard Wood held a welcoming ceremony so families could welcome soldiers home from the Middle East.


Huntsdale mayor faces domestic violence charge

Huntsdale mayor Deborah Lancaster was arrested Saturday at her home in a domestic dispute involving her son and daughter-in-law.

Stafford Hall demolition to begin Thursday

Stafford and Cramer halls are being torn down this fall to make way for University Hospital's new patient care tower.

Bayer CropScience to pay fine for lack of plan

Bayer CropScience will pay a $40,000 fine to the EPA and spend $100,000 in an effort to correct and prevent chemical accidents and releases.

Missouri tennis 2010-11 schedule released

The Missouri tennis team released its 2010-2011 schedule Tuesday.

Rock Bridge beats Hickman in girls tennis match

Rock Bridge High girls tennis team wins against Hickman High, 9-0.

Missouri representative says arson suspect is ex-campaign worker

A man fired from his job as campaign canvasser is suspected in the fire in State Rep. Russ Carnahan's headquarters, Carnahan says.

Southwest Missouri officer charged in shooting

A South West City officer is charged with first-degree involuntary manslaughter, stemming from a March shooting.

Artificial lung saves Missouri 2-year-old

A St. Louis child gains renewed chance of survival with an artificial lung.

Missouri day care centers hit with diarrheal illness

An outbreak of cryptosporidiosis, a diarrheal illness, is spreading in Clayton with many identified cases traced to day care centers. Health officials encourage area residentsto take precautions.