Big Ten announces divisions, splits up Michigan and Ohio State

Neither division has been named, but they break down like this: Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota and Northwestern in one; Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue and Indiana in the other.

Missouri attorney general examines domestic violence laws

Attorney General Chris Koster has assembled a panel of legislators to focus on improving the way domestic violence is addressed by the court system, police departments and the legislature.

Missouri Bar Association recommends voters expel St. Louis County judge

Judge Judy Draper was the only one who didn't receive a positive review from the Missouri Judicial Performance Evaluation committee.

PedNet urges drivers out of their cars and onto bikes

PedNet Coalition challenges Columbia drivers to think more sustainably and be more self-reliant.

Beloit College compiles list of freshman cultural touchstones

Beloit finds that Czechoslovakia has never existed and computers have never lacked a CD-ROM disk drive in the mindset of the class of 2014.

Deputy chief takes next step in downtown cameras installation

The Columbia Police Department plans to submit a research and informational memo to the City Council by late September.

The Missouri Bar recommends ouster of St. Louis judge

The biennial Missouri Bar evaluation reveals St. Louis County Judge Judy Draper fails the law competency retention benchmark.

Missouri attorney general creates task force on domestic violence law

Government officials have established a task force to examine and recommend changes to Missouri's 30-year-old laws against domestic violence.

Marching Mizzou gets ready for first performance of the football season

The band practiced for its halftime show near the Hearnes Center on Tuesday.

Missouri joins federal database for vehicle titles

Using the database could help reduce the chances of car buyers receiving a title for a stolen vehicle.

Former Sen. Betty Sims appointed to Missouri higher education board

Former St. Louis County Republican state Sen. Betty Sims awaits Missouri Senate confirmation for the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education.

Missouri remains growth neutral in the Midwest economic survey

Researchers expect growth to stay positive but suggest a decline from earlier months this year.

Recession in 2011 feared, business survey suggests

Supply managers were surveyed in nine states, including Missouri.

Second-generation Sands ready to run for Kansas football

The Kansas freshman running back knows if he's going to follow in his father's footsteps, he'd better step lively and he'd better step fast. His ol' dad carried the ball an NCAA-record 58 times for 396 yards against Missouri in 1991.


Five companies applied for Missouri's last casino license

The casino license that used to belong to the President Casino in St. Louis is up for grabs, and five companies have already applied for it.

Missouri freshman adjusts to college soccer

Alex Charlebois, a freshman midfielder/forward on the Missouri women's soccer team, says she is learning to improve her intensity level.

Missouri laws' coke-crack disparity grows in tension

Crack sentences more severe than cocaine in Missouri courts' clash with recent federal changes.

Ameren changes names of subsidiaries

Ameren Corp. is changing the names of its subsidiaries in Missouri and Illinois as well as updating its bill format.

Bridge closure means Tiger fans must find alternate routes to Columbia

The Missouri Department of Transportation will close the westbound Daniel Boone Bridge, which takes Interstate 64 traffic over the Missouri River, for two weekends this month.

Beach at Watkins Mill State Park remains closed

Although water samples did not show high levels of E. coli, the bacteria levels were still above the average high of results from previous weeks.