TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you plan to use the atlatl this season?

Missouri legalized the use of the atlatl for this year's hunting season. Do you plan on using it?

'Today' show couple to wed, learn honeymoon site Thursday

With less than a day until they say "I do," the local couple who won the "Today" show wedding contest has only one more detail to wait for: the honeymoon location.

Central Missouri campus getting grant to train 'green' workers

The Missouri Department of Economic Development is using federal stimulus money to fund the grant for the training program, which will include courses available to the public.

Reyna's hat trick powers Columbia College soccer team

The Columbia College men's soccer team entered American Midwest Conference play with a 5-1 win Wednesday night over visiting Harris-Stowe State

'Musseling' out the Asian carp

Quagga mussels are feasting on enormous levels of plankton, Asian carps' main food source. The Columbia Environmental Research Center in Missouri is researching whether the carp will survive in a plankton-depleted environment.

Missouri gets high marks for technology in government

The Center for Digital Government, which ranked states for their use of technology to serve citizens, gave Missouri a B+.

J. KARL MILLER: Sarah Palin doesn't deserve to be belittled

Sarah Palin has been the target of a lot of media criticism; however, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 vice presidential candidate is undeserving of these attacks.


DAVID ROSMAN: Democrats need to do a better job of selling themselves

Progressives need to be stronger in voicing their pro-business, pro-labor ideals combating mindless conservative propaganda.


Rock Bridge soccer team defeats Hickman

The Rock Bridge soccer team defeated Hickman 1-0 Wednesday.

Mayor voices worries about parks sales tax proposition

Mayor Bob McDavid said unclear language could affect voters' opinions of a proposal to continue the city parks sales tax. The proposal will be on the ballot Nov. 2.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you plan on getting the flu vaccine this year?

The flu vaccine costs $25 for those 19 and older through the Health Department and for those receiving it at the Student Health Center.

Freshman Michael Sam makes good first impression on Missouri football team

Missouri freshman defensive end Michael Sam has made four major plays for the Tigers in just four games.

None injured as fire destroys Ashland trailer home

The fire is still under investigation.

Atlatl makes debut for Missouri deer season

Missouri is the second state in the U.S. to legalize the ancient weapon for hunting purposes, which is described as easy to use for beginners, but harder to aim accurately than a modern bow and arrow.

Gallup survey shows depression up 25 percent in Gulf after oil spill

Even though the oil stopped flowing in July and the BP well was finally killed this month, some officials say the toll on mental health may get worse as the financial strains of summer persist into the fall.

Academy reviews debate over placing sediment in Missouri River

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Missouri's Clean Water Commission disagreed over the impact of shallow-water projects aimed to create habitats for endangered and threatened species.

Survey finds Americans know little about religion

A new religious knowledge survey shows that atheists and agnostics know more about major world religions than any other group.

Power plant construction to close portion of Stewart Road

Bicyclists and pedestrians will still be able to access the MU by a temporary path, but cars will need to use alternate streets.

Calls for longer school years face budget reality

The length of summer vacation, a time-honored tradition for American students and teachers alike, will likely stay put as education budgets suffer.

Court denies Bustamante's school bid

The appeals court ruling marked the third defeat for Alyssa Bustamante, 16, who is awaiting trial for the killing of a 9-year-old girl.