Two cars collide on Broadway and Seventh Street

Two cars collided in downtown Columbia, and a man has been treated and released from University Hospital on Wednesday evening.

UPDATE: Derrick Washington permanently suspended from MU football team

The Tigers running back was charged with deviate sexual assault on Monday. He will keep his athletic scholarship as long as he remains enrolled at MU.

Columbia mayor meets with Smart Growth Coalition

Mayor Bob McDavid talked about IBM, the Missouri Theatre and the Richland Road annexation with the Boone County Smart Growth Coalition on Wednesday night.

MU professor attempts to prove the pursuit of happiness

MU psychology professor Kennon Sheldon has dedicated his life's work to scientifically understand what the pursuit of happiness means to us.

Lawrence and other Missouri tailbacks move to fill Washington's place

After Derrick Washington’s suspension last Thursday, Kendial Lawrence, the sophomore tailback, moved from second on the depth chart to first string. He and the other three backup tailbacks are ready to step up in Washington’s absence.

Freshmen surveyed show technological prowess, but little concerning world events

Interviews with 20 incoming MU freshmen sheds light on how they think.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Is the strip club law constitutional?

Adult business owners claim that the law imposing restrictions on nudity, alcohol and business hours, among other things, violates the First Amendment.

Missouri Supreme Court declines defenders' case

The state's highest court said on Monday that all cases, with few exceptions, must go through an appellate court first.

People ferried off North Carolina island ahead of Hurricane Earl

Officials hope the 800 or so local residents will follow tourists off the Outer Banks island before the hurricane strikes.

J. KARL MILLER: Planet managing Gulf oil spill just fine

While the jury is still out on the cleanup, residual hazards, economic impact and future of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico after the huge oil leak, prospects are much brighter than were anticipated in April.

MU volleyball's dancing duo entertain teammates

Juniors Brittney Brimmage and Priscilla Armendariz consistently lift the spirits of their teammates on the MU women's volleyball team with antics that often include dancing.

Cole County judge refuses to halt Missouri strip club law

A Cole County judge refuses to halt a new law, which places restrictions on strip clubs and adult video stores.

Woman charged with keeping cats in hotel room pays Animal Control for cat care

Susan Kohler has paid almost $20,000 for Animal Control and the Central Missouri Humane Society to take care of her cats. Her attorney plans to request a hearing with the Health Department to regain custody of the cats.

Man sought for check fraud in Columbia

Columbia Police are looking for a man who is altering the account numbers on checks in order to buy groceries and get cash.

Survey: Missouri teen seat belt use increases

The survey also shows that 76 percent of Missouri motorists and passengers wear seat belts.

Mitchell won't join MU basketball for fall semester

Dallas-area recruit Tony Mitchell missed the deadline to enroll for fall classes because of academic issues.

DAVID ROSMAN: HOGs remain tame in Columbia

The belief that the HOGs wreak havoc on Columbia streets and live up to their name was not the reality. Last week's motorcyclists praised the city and found a surprising "favorite hangout."

Columbia police to conduct sobriety checkpoint

Extra enforcement of driving under the influence is taking place this weekend.

Phoenix Programs hopes to expand outreach with new facility

The 28,000-square-foot facility cost about $4.8 million and can house up to 41 residents.

2010 One Read series opens in Columbia

Daniel Boone Regional Library will host events connected to the chosen book, "Await Your Reply," in September.