Deputy sheriff's fund not accessible by Boone County

Boone County contributes an excess of $100,000 annually to a state fund to boost deputy sheriff salaries but is unable to access that fund for its own office.

Portion of park sales tax revenue to assist Maplewood restoration

If voters approve Proposition 1 on Nov. 2, the city will set aside $200,000 for a theater restoration in time for the 2012 season.

UM students can now own the rights to their innovative products

The change in policy earned the university system recognition from the Kauffman Foundation as a leader in commercialization.

Federal aid only temporarily combats climbing college tuition costs

Increasing aid is helping to buffer the impact of rising college tuition and fees, but it's only a Band-Aid on a larger problem.

'GameDay,' football triumph made MU Homecoming memorable

Check out this interactive graphic and time-lapse video highlighting MU Homecoming excitement.

TODAY'S QUESTION: How do you think the university handled the lockdown situation?

Rumors ran wild after University Hospital announced it was on lockdown. Some think the university should have used its emergency text message alert system to quash the rumors. 

VIDEO: Watch Francis Quadrangle fill up for 'College GameDay'

This time-lapse video shows MU students and fans jamming the area in the hours prior to the start of the show.

MU School of Journalism recognizes 2010 honor medalists

The chairman of Hearst magazines, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, the ZETA Weekly Newspaper and the Foundation for the Freedom of the Press are among the honorees.

Amtrak changes schedules for Missouri passenger trains

The changes should help passengers who are connecting to national routes.

Lifetime of tennis led player to Missouri's team

Rachel Stuhlmann began playing tennis at the age of 5. She is the first player the Missouri tennis team has signed since the program was restarted 13 years ago that has won a United States Tennis Association state championship.

Missouri Honor medalist ZETA pursues justice in Mexico

The ZETA Weekly Newspaper continues to publish in Mexico despite violence directed at the newspaper.

LETTER: Consider candidates before voting

It's important to research candidates and understand their intentions before deciding whom to vote for.

Missouri grad lands hoops announcer job

Aric Bremer has lived in Columbia for 11 years and is an afternoon radio DJ.

Missouri baseball black squad ties fall series at 1

Missouri's black team scored a come-from-behind victory in 10 innings. Game 3 of the Fall World Series is scheduled for 11 a.m. on Saturday at Taylor Stadium.

LETTER: Second Amendment does not protect Taser use

Tasers are not mentioned as arms by the Supreme Court. The use of Tasers can be restricted under Missouri law, as they are classified as dangerous instruments.

Original rules of basketball go to be auctioned for charity

The pages used by basketball inventor James Naismith are expected to sell for millions of dollars.

LETTER: Unlicensed breeders unlikely to follow new law

Instead of passing Proposition B, additional funding should be allocated to enforce existing laws.

LETTER: Taser ban important for keeping Columbia safe

Because of the unreliability of Tasers and the safety concerns they raise, these weapons are better left out of officers' tool belts.

LETTER: Rose Nolen should consider who is behind Proposition B

It's important to consider where the proposition is coming from before passing judgment on it.

Freeze warning threatens outdoor crops

The National Weather Service issued a freeze warning for nearly the entire state of Missouri.