DEAR READER: Martians invade, kill gunman on the loose at MU

People needed facts to fight the fear, which was in steady supply during Wednesday's “gunman” scare. All this, perhaps, because of single Twitter message. Did you buy it?

TODAY'S QUESTION: Which is the bigger game for Missouri football, Oklahoma or Nebraska?

If the Tigers win against Nebraska on Saturday, they will all but certainly play for the Big 12 Championship in Dallas on Dec. 4.

Presiding commissioner candidates revive home rule charter debate

Under the current system, county officials rely on legislators to lobby the General Assembly for permission to take actions not spelled out in state statutes.


Ex-banker in Columbia sentenced for embezzlement

A former Columbia bank officer has been order to pay more than $1 million in restitution.

MU research shows breast cancer patients still need post-treatment support

Several MU researchers found that treatment for breast cancer doesn't end after the cancer is gone. Many patients still need social support, especially in rural areas.

Missouri softball player doesn't let physical limitations stop her from excelling

Born with a left arm that extends just past the elbow, the Notre Dame High School senior is the Bulldogs starting right fielder.

Southeast Missouri farmers put 90,000 acres into special wetlands program

The program hopes to raise migratory bird populations by increasing wetland habitats in eight states.

Chicago Jewish groups on alert for odd packages

The heightened alert is a response to "a credible terrorist threat" against the U.S. Packages were discovered overseas that contained explosives and that were addressed to Jewish organizations in the Chicago area.

Retired chaplains warn against 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal

Several religious denominations have threatened to withdraw endorsements of chaplains in the military if the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is repealed.

The votes are in — for Lewis Elementary's mascot

Lewis Elementary School has been open for almost a year, but it lacked that special something that makes it a school: a mascot. That changed Friday.

Missouri grant will address shortage of large-animal veterinarians

The $500,000 grant will fund a pilot program to train large-animal veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

LETTER: Prop B opponents don't condone mistreatment of animals

There is no greater steward of the land and livestock than a farmer or rancher. To insinuate otherwise is insulting.

Missouri Sens. Bond, McCaskill target Senate hopefuls

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill attacked Republican candidate Roy Blunt's connection to lobbyists, while outgoing Republican Sen. Kit Bond, speaking in Imperial, said he would wear "a sack over his head" if Blunt didn't win his Senate seat.

Missouri public defender offices continue turning away cases

Six regional public defender offices have refused new cases in the past several months after hitting maximum caseloads.

Missouri businessman has been meat-ing customers' needs for 40 years

Woods Smoked Meats, of Bowling Green, has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its meat products.

Porn charges dropped against Missouri police officer

Charges were dropped last week against a police officer caught with nude images of a 17-year-old girl after the two married in late June.

Father of slain Missouri girl sentenced for firearm possession

Dale Olten Sr. pleaded guilty in February to possessing stolen firearms and being a felon in possession of a firearm.