LETTER: Elk not wanted in Missouri

Is reintroducing elk to Missouri a good idea? According to one reader, it will cause more harm than good for the state.

DEAR READER: Is it OK to turn an obit into a life story?

The Missourian looks for the life story beyond the sparse facts of a standard obituary. But in doing so, do reporters unfairly invade families' privacy?


Out-of-state donors backing Missouri ballot issue campaigns

Out-of-state money is providing fuel to the campaigns of Proposition B and Amendment 3.

Columbia teams dish it out at Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival

Paul Kanago's Grillers in the Mist compete for the promise of a good time at the barbecue competition.

State re-hires janitorial company targeted in 2007 immigration sting

The renewed employment with the state comes three years after authorities detained roughly two dozen of the Sam's Janitorial employees in an immigration raid on the Truman Building in Jefferson City. The state canceled nine contracts with the cleaning service and added the company to a no-hire list.

Breaking down the BBQ at the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival

Fifty competitors are vying for thousands of dollars in prize money and handmade trophies in the BBQ competition.

Citizens Police Academy ends with series of simulated crises

Participants were able to portray police officers in several simulated police scenarios and decide how they would act.

Public defenders prepare to turn away cases, citing work overload

State public defenders' budget is causing problems as caseloads increase and staff levels remain the same.

Smoking music and sizzling food kick off Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ

The festival's first night, featuring a bevy of food choices and musicians, went off smoothly.

New sex education funding ends decade of abstinence-only teaching

Beginning this school year, a five-year $375 million grant is being divided among 28 programs that have been proven to lower the pregnancy rate among participants, no matter their focus.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Is Latin America's left wing declining?

Recent elections in Venezuela, the overthrow of the Honduran president in 2009 and doubts expressed about the Cuban model of government, the left wing seems to have faltered. What is the state of Latin American politics and how do they impact the world?

Dear Santa: Can I please have that job?

Retailers are projected to add between 550,000 and 650,000 jobs this holiday season, a significant increase from last year.

Americans tread water in gulf between rich and poor

Some people are cutting back or looking to school as a shelter during the recession. The gap between the country's wealthy and poor is wider than ever and it's often widest in college towns.