Luetkemeyer wins 9th District Congressional election seat

Blaine Luetkemeyer's campaign stressed the need to create jobs and balance the federal budget.

Voters approve park sales tax

Mayor Bob McDavid and his predecessor, Darwin Hindman, praised voters for passing an extension of the one-eighth-cent sales tax that pays for improvements to the city's parks.

MU's Suicide Prevention Week follows incidents at Rutgers, Texas

Incidents of suicide at Rutgers University and the University of Texas received national media attention in September. MU is now holding a Suicide Prevention Week to raise awareness about college-age suicide.

GOP captures governorships in at least 7 states

There were a few bright spots for Democrats in the face of an anti-incumbent groundswell sweeping the nation, including key gubernatorial victories in New York, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Missouri judge throws out Helmig murder conviction

Dale Helmig was convicted in 1996 of killing his mother in Osage County. A DeKalb County judge ruled Wednesday that Helmig was innocent and a "victim of a manifest injustice."

Police looking for missing child in Columbia

His parents think he might have run away.